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  1. I don't think I have ever referred to LTV as a traditional French absinthe. If I did than I apologize for mis-stating. Absintheology.com offers a page on our site to any maker who wants to put up their own description of their product. It's strictly a marketing position page. The idea was that it would give our readers a chance to see what the brands had to say for themselves. At that time LTV was positioning itself as a traditional French absinthe. I don't know if that is still their position or not. I never called them that. To my mind they stand out as very non-traditional. I applaud the makers for taking a risk and trying something exciting and new. They are one of the top sellers in the US market today so they seem to have come up with a taste that appeals to the American palate.
  2. Paul REALLY loves to play the bad boy card doesn't he? He has to let everyone know he got busted. As a point of clarification, he didn't get busted for posessing it, he got busted for selling untaxed alcohol, which is what he, in effect, was doing when he was selling tickets to those crapsinthe parties. Actually Brian you are completely wrong. The main absinthe related charge was selling a poisonous substance in alcohol. A charge that I found ironic since alcohol is poison. The law says that it is incumbent upon the accused to prove that what they are selling is safe. At that time there was ample evidence (in the form of thousands of liters per year sold around the world without incident) that the drinks we had on offer were safe. I was very much looking forward to taking it to trial as it could have been an end to the ban. Brian, why do you refer to the parties as Crapsinthe parties? Were you there? No you weren't. If you were you would not denigrate them. They were fantastic parties unlike anything anywhere else. Beyond the amazing entertainment, interesting art and decor, and fantastic crowds there was a zeitgeist that made people feel as though they were experiencing something wonderful and special. You have insulted that particular event on a number of occasions. I don't know if it is jealousy, poor manners, or just plain mean spiritedness but it really is rude. I don't insult you. I have asked in the past that you keep your comments civil. This little barb is no slap in the face but it is petty and uncalled for. I will be having an absinthe party next month to celebrate the book release. You are invited Brian. I'll buy you a drink and give you a much needed hug. Then if you like you can take me out back and punch me until your unwarranted anger is sated or until I'm bled out. I would prefer that over the constant rude comments usually made when you think I am not in the room.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Are you saying that you can't tell the difference between brands from across the room? I really doubt that. Lets say you are at an absinthe party. The host has gone to Bevmo and grabbed a selection of absinthe. Since the host knows that you are into absinthe she calls you for some suggestions. You suggest that she gets a few brands representing the various main styles of absinthe. Kübler or La Clandestine for the Swiss style, La Fee for the French style (I know you would never recommend La Fee, I'm just teasing you), and St. George because it is made right here in the good ole US of A. I will bet a hundred dollars that you could get four out of five right from across the room, in low light, after a few drinks. The absinthe bar in Amsterdam has about 8 different brands at any given time. Usually a couple of French brands, a couple of Swiss brands, a German brand, and a couple of Czech brands (I know you would not call it absinthe - but you would certainly recognize it from across the room by the lack of louche). Once again... I would be surprised if most of the enthusiast who frequent this forum missed more than one or two. Well that's not much of a challenge you say... How about if you line up five brands that louche exactly alike. Sure you can stump me. Sure I can stump you. My point in writing this was simply that once you get to know a bit about absinthe the differences in the louche are very obvious and easy to identify. It was meant to be exciting and encouraging to new comers. Here is a nice article with videos showing how the different brands and different styles look when they louche
  4. I would ask that you accept that I have a different definition of what absinthe is. Which is??? Oddly appropriate since absinthe started out as a medicine man's pitch product. But whatever. My definition of absinthe as I have said here on numerous occassions is anything with absinthe on the label. That is my definition of absinthe because on the market place that is what absinthe is and any other definition is really just wishful thinking. My definition of good absinthe is very different as is my definition of premium absinthe, Czech absinthe, Swiss absinthe, traditional absinthe, and most of the other subcatagories that fall into various parts of the Ven Diagram of booze. I've been over this a dozen times here. I am not defending anyone's manufacturing techniques or recipes. All I am saying is that if you go around ignoring a third of what is on the market place or saying that "It just isn't absinthe" then you are not being realistic. The language you are using is not reflective of the market place. This is a dead horse that has been beaten to death in this thread. No one has posted anything that has even remotely moved to modify my position on this and I am not here to change anyone else's mind. You ask why my definition is and that is it. You don't have to agree. In fact I do not expect you to and as far as I am concerned that is OK.
  5. I apologize wayek. What was your question. This thread is so long that finding it again will take forever. Ask me anything. In fact take this opportunity to ask me whatever you want. Ask me for a pony. I promise I will give you an answer, even if the answer is: No. you can not have a pony.
  6. I didn't really take it as an insult Paul. My point was that making statements and posts like that really aren't making any headway in this entire discussion. They are deflecting the real issues. I mean, it's nice that you sign into the forums here to make jokes and tell people to lighten up, but I don't see anything really productive going on, which is what I thought the whole goal of this thread was. Brian, I'm not sure what you mean by "productive". I have no real goal here other than to meet people. Hear what people have to say. Have a nice conversation. Get some intelligent feedback from people who disagree with me. Have a conversation with people so that they know that I am a real person with real feelings. Give people a chance to ask me questions if they want. I think we have done that here. I'm not here to change anybodies mind about me or about anything that I do. I'm not here to change anyone's opinion about absinthe. Some of the feedback has led to a couple of changes on absintheology. Some of it has not. Some of it will in the future. When I get home i will be changing one of the videos around thanks to someone pointing out that I mis-stated something. We are not curing cancer here. I am not sure how much we can do to make the world a better place. What would you like to accomplish? I mean that honestly. I am willing to accept that you have a definition of what absinthe is here at wws and I'm willing to agree that it is a legitimate one. I would ask that you accept that I have a different definition of what absinthe is. I would argue that mine is just as valid. My definition of absinthe predates any involvement of any sponsor in any way in any project that I have put together. It is my definition not bought. Please respect that fact that I have a different opinion than you on that subject. Other than that and within the confines of my definition of absinthe what would you like to accomplish? I offered to let you write on absintheology or make videos. I said I would listen to any constructive and specific corrections or comments that anyone here had. I believe that I have actually implimented every change that has been suggested with the exception of a request to change the my definition of absinthe - I say mine because the site reflects my definition. In the mean time I have met some nice people. Learned a bit. Made some friendships that will last a lifetime. I think we have all laughed and cried and got to know one another just a little bit better. For the record. I have reigned in the jokes. As for the "lighten up" comment. You compared huffing absinthe to teaching kids to shoot smack. That called for a bit of lighten up. P
  7. Would you mind doing a quick check of the Absinth Depot's inventory? Just a few highlights even. They don't post it online and I can't remember what sort of absinth(e) they stock. When I was there last (2004?) I thought they had some good stuff mixed in. If you don't have time it's no biggie, it's just something I'm curious about. I have never posted a picture in a forum before. Worse, I am drunk from stopping by the Absinthe Depot to take this picture. That trip turned into me sampling everything on the new shelfs. OK. I tried a couple of things with no luck: http://s155.photobucket.com/albums/s302/pa...kshotjuly09.jpg Anyway... I hope this works. and I hope you enjoy. Best of luck. Going to sleep of this damnable drug. P
  8. Thank you Jay. I feel just a little less along in the world right now. I know that feeling will pass but for the moment... Well thanks, P New BFF. It's actually only four or five posts before yours where a member states that preserving tradition sometimes means 'policing' the non-traditional ways of drinking absinthe. People won't come out and say 'can't', since it's obviously being done, but they will declare that it's wrong or incorrect with a frequency and zeal that nearly reaches the point of moralization [which is not directed at you, MASTERPC]. I understand that, and I applaud taking anyone to task for propagating misinformation. If it wasn't for sites like WS and FeeVerte, I probably still wouldn't know what real absinthe is, which is exactly my point here -- I'm suggesting that our time would be better served particularly in this thread if we concentrated more on maintaining the integrity of real absinthe and exposing fake absinthes for what they are (which has to do with information vs misinformation), and less on attacking the manner in which people drink their absinthe or what they mix it with (which ultimately comes down to personal preference).
  9. Cute Paul. Yeah, I totally hate fun. I'm going to Tales of the Cocktail tomorrow strictly so I can rain on everyone else's parade. It's those type of statements Paul that take any semblance of credibility that you might have had and flush it down the drain. Brian, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I didn't mean to. I was being ironic. Again. I thought that was pretty clear. I don't know you well enough to know if you hate fun, but I assume you don't. Of course now that I know you are going all the way to New Orleans just to rain on people's parades... Well that sounds like fun to me. The Emcee of the main event is a guy named Billy Harris. He is a magician and a friend of mine. Please tell him I said hi. Than do something to rain on his parade. That will make me very happy. Have fun at tales little storm cloud. PS. I stopped by the absinthe depot on my way home from scattering my fathers ashes today. I promised someone here I would take a picture of the inventory (which I did) and would post it here (which I will if I can figure out how). I ended up drinking way too many samples so if what I wrote above dose not come across in a spirit of fun and comeraderie than it is the demon alcohol or possibly the secondary effects of the thujone (that was a joke). My point is that I meant it to be nice and funny and I mean you no disrespect or ill will.
  10. Brian, Let me be clear. I love the Atomic Bomb Cocktail. I am not making an excuse for it. That cocktail does not need an excuse. I am saying that I love it but I don't love it for me. I wouldn't drink one. I don't like redbull. But I think that for some people it's going to be a lot of fun. I think some bartenders are going to look at this and think "wow. I can sell that". I think a lot of bar managers will look at that and say "That is a drink special waiting to happen". So what? What is the problem with that? Why do you hate fun so much? Why can other people not have fun and not drink the way they want to? I don't go to your bar and tell you that you are dripping your water too slowly. I don't go around accusing you of being wrong because you want to drink one way or don't want to drink another way. This drink would have been served a hundred years ago if they if they had redbull back then. And some people would have bitched back then about how it was a terrible thing to do to a decent glass of hootch, just like now. Go ahead... Say you don't like it. Fine. Say you wouldn't drink it. Fine. But tell me what is the problem with it? Did you not expect someone to mix absinthe and redbull? Come on? That was the first thing we that came to mind when were were brainstorming cocktails. And everyone in the room said yuck, that is horrible but it will sell. I know I'm going to get busted for that last comment. The whole it will sell thing as if I really am some guy selling smack to school kids. Look. I don't like a lot of the drinks that get sold in bars. I don't care for most martinis. I don't like drinking most liquors neat, they are too strong for me. Here in Germany I drink mostly apple soda with a lot of ice. And everyone here looks at me like I am insane. They tease me for not drinking alcohol and for wanting ice in my drink when it's a hundred degrees and muggy in the dance club. They think I'm nuts while they pound warm shots all night long. Look. Drinking is not just about the liquor that we consume. It's often about the experience and how we share that with our friends. We drink Chamagne to celebrate. We drink wiskey to celebrate the passing of a close friend. We drink wine to celebrate the spirit of god (unless our god says that drinking is a sin, but then why would you be on this website?). People drink jager bombs to celebrate a last night of bachelerhood, or to celebrate victory of a football team, or to celebrate a new tattoo. There is nothing wrong with that. I stand behind that drink one hundred percent. For the right group of people at the right time this is the right drink.
  11. Bill. Hilarious. Baubel: I feel you. It's not for me. But for the people that are into jagerbombs, and assorted fuck you up quick drinks this is exciting. It's a cool drink, high in alcohol that tastes terrible and is perceived as dangerous thereby providing ingredients for a bonding experience. A few months ago I was in Guam. I went to Club Texas, which is a seedy strip joint just outside of the military base near Tumon. As I sat at the tip rail with my GF we witnessed a most unusual drinking ritual. A man sat by himself watching the dancers on stage. In front of him was a beer, several shots of Jack, a a cup of tea and a carton of milk. He would sip the tea, shoot the Jack chase it with beer than drink the milk. Who am I to judge. Here in Germany my friends make fun of me because I drink apple soda instead of beer when we go out and I teased constantly for having ice in my drink. You don't like it, fine. Neither do I. You don't drink it, fine. Neither do I. But for those who do it's nice that they have a safe place to go and learn how to do it right. Otherwise they would be out on the streets learning the hard way. By the way. Did anyone here watch the MJ tribute. I balled my eyes out.
  12. "We are nothing if not whores at absintheology.com"
  13. This sums things up pretty well. If you don't know something so elementary as the difference between green anise and star anise, and need to ask such a question at the shoot, you're not ready to be educating anyone about absinthe. Gwydion this is ridiculous. You castigate me for not being an expert than you complain because I am not expert enough to know this or that. I consulted the owner of an herb shop and asked her. I reported her answer. I later found a different answer (by googling the question). I'm not castigating you for not being an expert, I'm just pointing out that if you didn't already know something so basic, you're probably not ready to teach about it. Knowing this particular thing is vital to understanding why some brands taste like Good & Plenty and others have more herbal balance. I'm sure you're accustomed to complaints in that area, but I'm afraid I must decline. Biotch. Not really teaching Gwydion. That was never my intention. More reporting. More sharing what I have learned. At that point I knew a lot more about the legalities and the history as well as what was on the market at that time than i did about the ingredients and process. That video was actually about finding out what the ingredients were. I was curious and thought others would be too so I went to an expert to find out and shared what I found with people. By the time I found out the truth I had forgotten that I had even made that video let alone that I had botched that bit of info. When I get home I'll fix it and re-post. Is it really that big a deal? Is one supposed to be perfect all the time? If I worried about never making a mistake I would never do anything. I do a lot. I make a lot of mistakes. When I find a better way I try to improve. I'm OK with that.