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  1. Oh, and thanks for you help. I guess I'll try some St. George since it'll cost less than ordering from overseas.
  2. Hmmm....I'm just sort of not understanding the big deal. I know many here are not new to absinthe, and perhaps they have more reasons for being frustrated, but, I just don't understand. I know from drinking it that it is not a narcotic...in the sense that it acts similar to an illicit drug. There is sort of a small hint of euphoria and energy; but that's all! Making it illegal has shrouded absinthe in myth which has profited some companies, but this disinformation is hilarious. Absinthe's reputation definitely supercedes the reality. It's just a tasty drink. I know politics are not to be discussed here...but all I want to say is this: I think there are more serious troubles people could be concentrating on then someone drinking absinthe.
  3. I am mostly directing this question to T73: Are Clandestine products going to be available to be purchased within the U.S. market? Shipping rates are definitely a killer. I don't understand the reason why it isn't able to be sold within the States. I mean, it doesn't seem to be very heavy on wormwood. Is there perhaps a labeling problem? Thanks to anyone who can help me out by answering this. KALLISTI
  4. Hello All. My name is Caleb. I'm from Kansas City. I'm very new to absinthe. It does seem that there is somewhat of an absinthe-craze going on lately. Probably what drew me in was the mystery. Absinthe is a drink that lures you in because of the mystery surrounding it. You eventually find out (if you research the correct places) that most of the uhhh....old-wive's-tales, for lack of a better description, are false. Perhaps that is the most entertaining thing about being an absinthe drinker. Once you introduce yourself as an absinthe drinker: people ask you if you trip and hallucinate. I used to actually visit this site before I registered for screen-name. I love this site and I learned a lot. I hope to learn a lot more, too. Thank you.