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  1. I was fortunate and discovered this web-forum before I ordered absinthe. The people on this forum I could tell, knew what's up, and I made a good first buy (Jade). The rest is history.
  2. Thanks Martin. .I was leaning towards it being no problem. The Kübler I opened last night was very good, and I don't mean for the money, it was just really good. But, I'm leaning towards the VDF tonight for a switch.
  3. As I got my order of four flavors from LDF, I got to thinking. Is it in some way bad to have more than one bottle open? I mean, I usually open one and work my way through it, and then I go to the next style. I'm assuming with the high alcohol content, absinthe (corked bottle) would be good for years. Is this assumption wrong? No better place than this forum to get a definitive answer.
  4. Thanks! His name is Needles. .And his is one of our four cats we took in as strays. When he's bored, he trots through the house and makes a racket with his "meow" bouncing off the hardwood floors. I think he's nuts.
  5. Gotcha beat! Long story short. Bought a house and haven't had absinthe since January!!!! Anywhoo. . . My LDF order came in this Wednesday: VDF, BDF, Kübler and Clandestine to get back to business.
  6. Nice try. . I was referring to the wood, acoustical design for tone, resonance and such from a musical instrument design standpoint. You can go back to sleep now.
  7. Sorry the guitar is already tuned from the factory. . When I buy a good bottle of absinthe, there is no reason to justify it's cost by playing with it. I enjoy it after it's poured, and I'm listening to some good music, or having a conversation. But, hey that's just me.
  8. I'm not feeling this one. . Look at the old vintage posters of guys sitting in the clubs slamming the vitamin "A." Big ole' carafe on the table and dumping it in. I've dripped it, and I've poured ice water straight in at mach 3. . No difference in taste at all. Those fountains look kewl though. .
  9. Fully agree. . I don't drink any absinthe with sugar anymore.
  10. Darwin was so right. One less idiot on earth.
  11. I'd second that motion. . Too bad it's too late for me to get some by x-mas. I mean LDF is crazy fast, but the flying monkeys are being overworked! I'll have to settle with the bottle of Jade Edouard and Clandestine I have in the freezer.
  12. It's X-mas. . .I'd go the Montmartre.
  13. Erik Satie is a very good listen, and so is post 1985 David Sylvian. . who not coincidently, was largely inspired by Satie.
  14. Virginia Beach, Virginia. . .yeaaaaaa let's go to the beach. .
  15. I quite like UE in any of their styles, but I do notice that if you use more than a little over 3:1 in the mix, it kills the flavour.