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  1. Bummer Joe, you would have been very welcome at our house (though that might have been during my brother-in-law's car repair episode). Still, even if it was, some relaxing with good company would have made it go easier. LeRoy M. ,we're a bit of a hike from Florence, on the other end of the loop maybe 35 miles through town, but still :-)
  2. Steve, There are a few of us here in Cincinnati: my wife, a few friends, myself. I know Cincy is a bit far (though not as far as Pittsburgh), but we live on the northern end right at the 275 loop. We sometimes have "Absinthe Nights". I'll let you know when we are having the next one if you like. Cheers!! --John
  3. Techdiver, Where do you get Splenda nuggets??
  4. I just saw this at my local Party Source. It is made in Kentucky according to the bottle. They claim a blanche that is then colored with hibiscus flowers (it looked rather like very pale white zinfandel). Anyone heard of it?? It was going for $33 for a 500ml bottle I think (sorry I was in a hurry).
  5. Joe, I used the glass etch stuff from Hobby Lobby and it worked out pretty good )I made Christmas gift glasses with the dose and water line etched on). You can use normal adhesive shelf paper or vinyl electrical tape. The tape worked a bit better as I could stretch it around odd shapes, but a larger area like for a logo might be better served with shelf paper.
  6. I just began to re-read the "Tarzan" series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and there are several references to un-named French characters and Tarzan himself sipping absinthe. Most are found in the first two books (Tarzan of the Apes, and The Return of Tarzan).
  7. Only private as I don't think any bars serve it around here (plus the whole reason I built the wet bar was so we could entertain at home ). We will happily louch one up for any friends that ask. In point of fact, I served a friend one earlier tonight while having one myself. The wife and I tend to drink it mostly on weekends (kids and work you know). We also plan on serving at our annual Halloween party, even mentioning it on the invitation.
  8. Doc, very witty Thanks all for your responses!!
  9. Sorry if this is a noob question, what makes the rouges red?? I read somewhere that hibiscus flowers were used, and wondered if they are the same as what my father-in-law grows. Also, since there is obviously no pontica/melissa/hyssop/veronica for coloration do those go into the pre-distillation maceration for flavor?? Again forgive my ignorance, but I'm unlikely to ever taste a rouge (unless they become available more resonably in the US), and was curious.
  10. Britgeekgrrl (Johanna), Painting stainless can be tricky as most paints won't stick to it very well. I would recommend sanding it thoroughly with a low grit paper or sandblasting it. Clean and degrease completely with commercial degreaser or simple laquer thinner. This step can't be stressed enough. Of course make sure you are outside or wearing a proper solvent respirator. Try to find a primer that is self-etching (perhaps from an auto-parts store), though I don't know if the self-etchers in aerosol cans are legal in CA anymore. If not, a quality oil-based automotive primer will do. Prime in light dusting coats, allowing each coat to dry per the directions on the can. 3-5 coats is what we would use. Once you get a good primer coat, you can pretty much apply any top coat you desire. Be warned though, once you can get paint to stick to stainless, it will tend to rust like normal steel where you sanded it. Use high quality paint if you can. I hope this helps (For my bona fides, I painted/restored cars, and other sorts of vehicles, for over six years).
  11. Retro, Just wanted to add my compliments as well. The idea was great, and your pictures are awesome. Very well done!!
  12. This is the best place to start. Welcome.