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  1. Hello, Everybody! I’ve been reading this forum since 2010 (If I recall correctly) and now I’ve finally decided to introduce myself and start a topic … My name is Maxim. I’m an absintheur since 2008, born 1984, father of three and living in Sweden. I’m a 100% family guy, a music lover (mostly metal and classical baroque), a keen reader (mostly 19th century French authors) and a devoted sportsman (swimming, calisthenics, jogging). I’m glad to finally join the Wormwood society!
  2. Hello, fellow absintheurs! I need a little help : could you ,guys (and girls if there are any), tell me all the absinthe brands that are made on grape base alcohol? I already am aware of such brands as VdF, BdF (The Enigmas), Desirée (is not available anymore), Brevans H.R.Giger, La Coquette, Soixinte Cinq and finally La Clandestine (alcool de vin). Do you know any more grape-base-brands? Thanks!