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  1. Gonna bust up open my bottle of Kübler when I get home from work tonight
  2. Welcome to the forums Sonja... hope to try some Sirene soon (tomorrow night, perhaps)!
  3. '66 would put me at... negative 19 years... I feel way too young to be here.
  4. I can't wait to see the culmination of your endeavors!
  5. To add to your "experiment," might I suggest some period music? Link 1 Link 2 At last, playing Call of Cthulhu proves to be useful outisde of playing Call of Cthulhu!
  6. I saw one today... they are very real... I hold out hope, for absinthe-buying's sake.
  7. Indeed, great job Hiram! (sorry, just managed to listen to both podcasts)
  8. At some point, I'm sure I'll try all three... just trying to decide the first two. And the reviews have been like a second home to me since I began lurking.
  9. I have to agree with T73... as a newbie to absinthe, I'd much rather hear about recommended sites
  10. Well, I'm definitely getting Kübler... we'll see what strikes my fancy then...
  11. As soon as I get my stimulus check, I'll be doing my fair share of supporting the US economy... possibly a foreign one or two.