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  1. no no le gimp, I'm not that person, just a noob looking for direction and to find out what to avoid. that, and I like the name crash
  2. thanks a lot for clarifying that for me. If anyone else wants to bash me, feel free, or I can just take the topic down now Luscious Oily Lesbians!. just a curiosity that needed some expert advice
  3. Now, I am very very new to this whole absinth thing, but I am pretty sure you all had a good laugh at the title and probaby wanted to slap me for even bringing it up on this fine forum. I've looked everywhere on this site and turned up nothing on them, and probably for a good reason. But fakesinths are still absinthe....Incredibly crude, perhaps, but contain many of the same ingredients....I'm not advocating for the good or bad of homemade absinthe products, but I would like to know if anyone here has tried any, and if any are good whatsoever. help please?
  4. How's it goin everyone? The name's Gary and I'm from Michigan. Sorry I have no real input that would do any good here, but I'm here to seek advice and from what I've seen from lurking around the site, this has to be the best place to find out about the fabled Green spirit you all know and love to be Absinthe. Cheers!