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  1. Yes only Grand Wormwood for me please.
  2. People are so nice on this forum. I really think I'll like it here. Jillian
  3. I'm sorry you live in a dry county . Welcome, from another newbie. Jillian
  4. I would like to express my thanks to the Wormwood Society for allowing me to join. I recently tried absinthe for the first time. When I found out that the real thing was being sold in the United States, I had to try it. The fact that it was banned for nearly 100 years made it appealing. So I made some phone calls to some local liquor stores and found one that carries the Green Fairy. I went out and bought a bottle of Lucid (yeah I know, I'm new). I made myself the traditional cocktail, now I'm hooked. I also had a helping of Kübler with a friend of mine. I like Lucid better. I can't wait to try more. Since my first absinthe experience, I've been searching for more information about the spirit. This website has been very helpful. I'm very exited. Jillian