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  1. Just one more note . . . The jar is from Target and the spigots are from http://spigots.net/ . The base is a Candle stick and is solid wood. I discovered the base of the jar is slightly concave and was uncomfortable with the smaller diameter of the candle stick (since the jar would be full of water . . and accident waiting to happen). So I had a co-worker cut me a disk just larger than the diameter of the jar out of 5/8" plywood and it is screwed onto the candle stick. Plenty of support now. So this will work for Absinthes . . . and adding Ice Water to good Scotch !
  2. So . . the finished product . . . is . . . Being an Engineer I suppose its a bit more on the funtional rather than artistic. But it does the "Drip Fantastic"! Now to find some other Absinthes that dont break the bank. My local BevMo claims they have Kübler instock so I will stop by after work. The reviews are fairly good and I'm interested in what a Blanche is like (after trying Lucid . . . certainly better than Le Tourmente). I just wish JADE were more easily available . . . .
  3. I ended up going with a faux pewter . . and I think it turned out pretty good.
  4. Hahaha . . . . paisley! Thats too funny! Well . . the way my house is I dont actually have a full bar. It's really a mobile cart. I plan on putting the fountain on a breakfast bar that is in my "family" room when I have company over and we have cocktails. That porcelein suggestion is interesting . . . Hmmmm . . . wonder if I could get a stainless steel handle too? Mount it midway. . . and hook in an MP3 sound bit of something flushing <grin>. Course that would take ALL the class away from building something like this! Shame on you all for starting me down that path! Shame shame shame!!!! Giggle . . .
  5. I just ordered two brass spigots for my fountain. No place where I live carries them so I have to resort to mail order. A buddy at work is making a circular disk (wood) so my "Tea Vase" will sit level. The glass is not quite flat on the bottom. The disk should fix that. I figure I will paint the candle stand and disk once I've screwed them together . . . . but what color? I've thought about "faux" pewter. But then arent there paints that look like marble? Any thoughts from the group? NOTE : I have to say that using a fountain CERTAINLY makes the "ritual" easier! Even with the crummy valve that came with the Tea Vase . . .
  6. Well it has been done! A friend and I stopped by the Bevmo near him (San Fernando Valley) and I picked up a bottle of Lucid. Its funny. I had an employee get the bottle for me and I figured that was that. It wasnt too much longer and "older" employee was looking at the Cognac shelf and immediately exclaims "Who is buying the Lucid?". So I fess up and he starts talking up the Le Tourment. I try to explain things about being familiar with reviews of the products and looking for a more "traditional" absinthe like Kübler or Lucid. His final response was that "At least Le Tourment tastes good!". This DID get me nervouse . . . but being a good stubbourn Scot I held to my decision and got the bottle anyways (and a few cigars . . . a downside from Cowboy Action Shooting). I got around to trying the Lucid later that day. NICE! I dont know what those BEVMO folks were given . . . . but they are confused. A bit more bitter than Le Tourment . . but in a good way. When I opened the bottle I was again nervous because there was an oiliy smell. But that is not present in the glass at all. I'm glad I found this forum . . and was able to read the reviews . . . .and that I ignored those folks at Bevmo. Thanks to all who tried to assist with this decision.
  7. Hahaha . . . sorry about that! Part of the dangers of posting when tired. Thank You Shabba for clearing that up for the others. At the moment I typed it . . . it made sense <grin>. And Thanks Periodot for the link to LDF. I would never have tracked that down on my own. I had no idea WHAT those initials were in that review. But I do want to look to see if they can ship to me . . . and what their costs will be.
  8. Well . . . this Le Tourment has been my introduction to the "Absinthe" style. And it was a Bevmo where I was trying to decide between the Kübler, Lucid, and Tourment. Everyone at the Bevmo said they preferred the Tourment. So having little to no information that is what I went for. Since it LOOKS like a true Absinthe . . and what they were informed at their tasting . . I thought I was making a good decision. That being said . . . I DO like it. But am now looking for something more traditional. The manager was trying to be helpful. She even gave me the book that they were given by the folks that gave the Bevmo employees their tasting. Its basically a bunch of Internet printings. But here is one link that is interesting : http://thevegaseye.com/home/2008/2/18/le-t...erFriendly=true Look at the description of the herbs used for the steeping process. And the claim that this is a "traditional" recipe. It adds to my confusion. So this is NOT an absinthe? Or is this all simply a marketing ploy by Snakeoil salesmen??? BTW - The back of this booklet has a section from The Palms with their drinks that use Le Tourment. Some neat names . . The Green Fairy, The Green Dragon, Tourment Van Gogh, The Sticker Licker, The Gargoyle to name a few.
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome Gentlemen! As requested . . . a bit of personal background. I am an Eagle Scout, earned a B.S. from CSUN (California State University Northridge) in Electrical Engineering (Computer Architecture), worked for the Lockheed Advanced Development Corporation (Skunk Works while in Burbank CA) for almost 5 years, and now am basically a Computer Engineer for the Oviatt Library back at CSUN. I was almost a MUSIC major (Classical Guitar) and LOVE music. I still dabble with home recordings as a hobby. I'm married (14 years) and we have no kids. Current hobbies are Fly Fishing and Cowboy Action Shooting. I think that sums it up. No need to apologies for the comments regarding the Tourment. As I said . . I wish I had found this forum before shopping. I've learned alot in the few days I"ve been lurking. I realize that Tourment is NOT an absinthe. So that is why I am asking. Some of the suggestions here I believe ARE carried by my local Bevmo so they are easily accessed. Otherwise I have to mail order . . . . which I'm not adverse to. It just takes longer <grin>. So Kübler is a blanche . . . and I should expect Lucid to be the traditional green? One the review of Lucid "Duplais Balance " was mentioned and a source that was only initials. Can anyone clarify where this can be procured? Thanks in advance . . .
  10. I am new here and have only just discovered Absinthe. Now I wont give up my MacCallan or Ledaigh . . . but it is a Lovely discovery! I suppose I was misguided at my local Bevmo, since everyone there claimed to prefer the so that is what I purchased. I found it to be good! However . . . I now wish I had found this forum first. Such as life. From the reviews I now know that this is not one of the better Absinthes. However its price at $60 U.S. is about as high as I am willing to currently go for a bottle (unless good reasons are provided). What would be some good choices to try next? I DO like historical accuracy is things. But of course it cant taste like HELL <grin>. I am a former beer brewer (all grain brewing for over 6 years . . . until I wanted to learn Fly Fishing) so my palate is fairly developed. Open to any suggestions . . Thanks in Advance. BTW - Great threads at Gadgets on the Fountains. Have the basis started already. Just deciding about replacing the single spigot with two from (http://www.spigots.net/). Wikipedia has a very good article on drilling holes in glass too.
  11. Gentlemen! Having just tried my first Absinthe this last weekend . . . my eyes are now open! Dealing with the difficulties of dripping the water over the sugar cubes, I was already entertaining a fountain but was put off by the prices. This $48 budget fountain does look right for my pocket book though. For those of you that have already received one. I am a little concerned about the plastic spigots. Do you think these can be replaced with better ones? Maybe not immediately . . .but later when the plastic ones inevitably crack and start to leak? Just wondering before I place an order . . . Thanks in Advance.