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  1. Hey hey! You definitely lucked out stumbling across this site. Everything you need to know can be found here and there is most definitely tons of experience in these members.
  2. After a while of brainstorming, I was thinking a standard sort of shaped container for the water and the stem would be a forearm with the hand at the bottom supporting itself on the finger tips with fingers spread. The fingers would connect to a flat base. The part of the idea that has me excited is making a mold out of my arm which I think would be awesome with something like this.
  3. Very nice! That ceramic and pottery shop comment got me thinking though. I know where someone who owns one of these shops and would like to try my hand at a sculpture type fountain... maybe a giant hand or something... Where did you find taps like that?
  4. There are certainly a creative collection of avatars here.
  5. Thanks a... wait a minute... I think your avatar winked at me. I think that means it's time to get some sleep.
  6. By law I can only have one at a time, but I keep a few spares in the free range out back so I can cycle them.
  7. Right now I live in Ottawa, but the misses and I will be moving down to Kingston, Ontario shortly.
  8. A shout out from Canada! I've recently joined this forum a few days ago. I've been trolling through different articles and reviews looking to gather as much info as I could so I could make the most educated decision a first time drinker could. After these few days I have to say that this is the single most comprehensive site I've ever seen about absinthe and I would recommend hands down to anyone looking to bring a little green into their life. You guys should be very proud of what you created. Cheers!