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  1. Sorry Brian, sounds like a question for the homebrew shop. I've known guys who have had small kegs (3 gal.? sounds about right), and all of the fittings were the same as the 5 gallon soda kegs. But things change, and my info is all at least 15 years old ...
  2. I've never done nitrogen carbonation, but back when I was doing kegs and CO2, there were gas supply places that could pressure test tanks and fill them. They are often medical gas suppliers, or fire system places, or welding places, ... I'm curious, are you planning to keg or bottle? There's a brewery here in Colorado doing a widget-less nitro bottled stout (Left Hand Milk Stout). Results are ok, I didn't think it performs as well as the fancy widget-cans. They suggest pouring the beer hard from the bottle, and I had to practically turn it upside-down to get any sort of nitro "cascade" effect. End result was a pretty flat beer, but with the typical tight, creamy head from a nitro serve. You might try contacting them and see what they could tell you. You really got me thinking about this -- I've force carbonated with a CO2 tank w/ regulator and corny kegs, but never with nitrogen. And then do you need a fancy Guinness-style tap for serving? Keep us posted, I'm interested to hear how this turns out!
  3. Many years ago I had a business trip to outside-of-London, and there was a Fuller's Tied House in town. I was familiar with bottled London Pride and ESB from home, but at the pub they also had one called "Chiswick Bitter", which was the "ordinary" (session) beer. It was my first English beer in England. I was in heaven.
  4. It's really just called "3 Point 5 Session Ale". It was really nice. Leaning towards the hoppy side as a good bitter should. No great complexity or anything, just a good clean foundation of malt, decent body, an appropriate "pale ale" level of bitterness (no big IPA or citrus bomb or anything like that), very drinkable. My attempts at brewing beer like this years ago seemed to lean towards "hop water" ...
  5. Not drinking tonight, but I was up at Avery in Boulder today and had a "3 Point 5 Session Ale", available only at the tap house (and probably only for a while). 3.5% abv, I assume they were going for an English "ordinary bitter" style, and they nailed it. Back in my homebrewing days brewing a good ordinary was the holy grail for me, and I never really got it.
  6. Deja vu indeed. Isn't this the part where we start talking about 375 ml bottles?
  7. I searched the forum, found a reference to Gary Regan's Aviation (can't go wrong there, eh?). So 1/2 oz ea. lemon juice, R&W Creme de Violette, and Leopold Bros. maraschino liqueur, and 1.5 oz Leopold Bros gin. It's beautiful ... and it tastes like gin and lemon juice. There's something about this cocktail that just doesn't work for me. I've tried it off and on over the past couple of years, different recipes, whatever. I just can't get it to blend and balance. I taste the gin and lemon really separately, and then the maraschino and CdV are there in the background sort of muddying things up. Oh well, the enchiladas are ready
  8. Care to share your recipe? I have lemons at the ready, and I'm ready to give the Aviation one more try.
  9. Happy belated! (sorry, been away for a few days)
  10. I was all ready to make gin gin mules last night and could only find 1 small lime. Mary suggested absinthe, so we had MoL (batch 11-2).
  11. We bottled our first cello this morning, a lemon-lime. Tasted this evening, we're pretty pleased. I think it could use a bit more tart and/or a little lighter hand with the sugar, but the flavor is great, no pith-bitterness. Lots of great advice in this thread. Make a lot so you can share!
  12. I love Firestone-Walker. Haven't had the Parabola, but I've had plenty of that Reserve Porter, delicious. It's going to be a cold beer here tonight, waiting for dinner to get done to choose one. Need to battle this heat a bit with something refreshing.
  13. Excellent! So, just curious -- did you find a use for the fruit? When we did all of our recent zesting, we made lemon-limeade (of course) with the naked fruit. How about your bathed fruit? Was it still pretty firm and juice-able when it came out? Would the juice be boozy? Hmmm ....