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  1. Let your liver preserve it. It's the only way.
  2. Absolutely. If you're really keen on not letting too much air or light come in touch with it long term, but you plan on drinking it all, you could decant it into 25ml sample bottles and fill them all up. You will then have dark bottles with little air, and store them as you would the full bottle. I cannot see that that would affect the absinthe in any bad way and it would make it real easy every time you want to have a glass..
  3. Nah, not really. Didn't you see the photo I posted on FV? http://www.feeverte.net/forum/index.php?s=...st&p=120246 The P30 is, if I'm not wrong as close as you can get to the Duplais Balance, or whatever it was.
  4. At last! 0.5 Liter bottles should be illegal.
  5. Grattis för tusan! Ta det lugnt, drick nåt gott och njut av livet!
  6. Ok, so I'm the only one who won't be easily impressed by something made from pictures you can steal off the internet and print in your own home printer by downloading freeware labelling software?
  7. The improved Emile absinthes are a lot better than the first releases. Regardless of which one it is. Now, the joy is that an improved Sapin would be real nice for christmas...
  8. Well, I figured that would get you started since your "name" was V8CHRGR. I couldn't just write that a Charger would be real nice then, could I?
  9. Ok, so I didn't bother reading all three pages... Am I the only one wondering why a person wouldn't spell the same word the same way twice in a scentence? Is it "suger" or "sugar"? To me it almost made sense though, if only he would switch it all around. How? You ask. Well, "suger" in Swedish is "sucks". So... Lighting sugar on fire for absinthe does suck. That makes sense. But he got it backwards. That doesn't make sense unless it was an honest mistake. Then maybe it would make sense if he didn't order Czech, which doesn't make sense. Do I make sense? No. But that's ok.
  10. I imagined a massive engine or atleast a really huge truck or pickup as your avatar. I could definitely live with a well preserved GTO. But nooooo. All I get is a tribal pattern with a frickin' lucky charm in the middle of everything!? DAMN! and on top of that you ordered Czech. Oh boy!
  11. If you look through old price lists and actalogues from distilleries they often use the Superieur / Ordinaire range for their various absinthes. This is closely related to alcohol level (and to certain extent ingredients). The finest absinthes had the best ingredients and the highest proof. As you've said earlier here, the "manuals" often list recipes for each "grade" where it's obvious that the method and list of ingredients (and ratios of ingredients) along with final alcohol level make out the quality rating.
  12. The "rumour" and "lab sample" is damn good tasting though.
  13. Ummm. No. That would be "a drinkable faux absinthe, thanks to Markus Lion and Matter-Luginbühl". (and a true absinthe for the European market)
  14. So am I. But more because of all people changing avatars all the time. And Hiram with an animated one. And suddenly I start seeing posts I first think are mine, but turns out to be yours... WTF?!
  15. Let's just say that the Eichelberger Limitee is better.
  16. I'll see what I can do! If I book a flight with a stop in Seattle, will you come meet me there for a drink at the airport? Oh and... Your mailbox will be sweetened within a couple of days I believe... There might be - BUT WHO CARES?!
  17. Guess I'll just have to spend a thursday night or two at your house then next time I'm southern California... Like say... coming summer... for instance.
  18. If you make that a continental breakfast, I might take you up on it.
  19. Bathtub... Yes. Even better! Problem is the damn image I see now! Old hairy Czech women rolling around in a bathtub with wormwood macerating in vodka and then bottling it! Eeeeoooow!
  20. The N.S is, I believe, the exact same absenta as Candela. Those are pretty much the same as the classic "oil-mix"-style absentas (though a few of them really are distilled but artificially colored) It's much along the lines of Deva and Montana etc. If it's all you can get your hands on, I'd go for Deva instead but hey, it's a little like choosing one bad over another...
  21. – Is there really such a building to visit? Isn't it more like a... "mixing station"? I think that would be a more appropriate term, yes.
  22. Hmmm... We're having some people over for dinner tomorrow night. Any chance of flying that chef in? We'll have to do something about that fish of course but other than that! Wow.
  23. That's about the one thing them slugs are good for. Eating. Yummy. Peter... Sign me up.
  24. Peter! Many congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful dinner and I damn myself for not just catching a train down there instead of going back home!