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  1. ...to be quite honest they didn't really copy Swiss absinthe, since for instance Pernod was Swiss, had his first distillery in Couvet and then started production in Pontarlier... Ehrm. Tagline for french wine in 15+ words? "Voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir? Passe-par-tout. Je suis un baguette. It's the wine I tell you!"
  2. So... The Kallnacher Weinachtabsinthe 2006. It hasn't been aged for more than a couple of weeks now, but I had a glass two nights ago and it's not bad. Ageing will do it good and I'm really looking forward to trying it in say 2-3 months. There's just the subtlest hint of oranges in it now but I think that'll break through and become a very nice touch to it once it gets a bit older. It's a blanche. It louches good. It tastes good and is likely to taste better in another couple of months.
  3. Methinks Hartsmar knows very well of what he speaks. Though I'm sure he's also confused but that's a whole different matter.
  4. Explains those 17th century stills at Guy's, doesn't it.
  5. That says a lot. Or very little.
  6. I'll go bitch-slap the idiot next time I'm in those parts.
  7. For comparisons sake, I can say this... Out of all the La Bleue style absinthe's I've bought or sampled at any occassion only two have really knocked me off my feet in being unique. The not yet released Italian Farom and the Swiss Zürcher Fée. I do not count the Brut and Duplais Blanche to the classic La Bleue category. If the Swiss XS does the same, you'll be the first one to know.
  8. I've stated a million times that I have not yet tasted either of the XS products and that I do not doubt that they are of good quality. I stated that I will stand by that until I have tried them and can make a personal comment to their taste. I said that the wine base Clandestine is likely to be very much like the XS with its wine base and that I cannot understand why one of them is much more pricey. I haven't ever tried implying that I tasted any of the XS products and I have never said anything bad in regards to their taste. I say the price is screwed in comparison to products very much like them or likely very similar, from the same manufacturers even. As to what I base my assumptions on, it would be pretty clear that I base that on experience. Again, once I've tasted them all, I will do what I always do - review them, honestly. Hell - have someone independent from both La Fee and Absinthe-suisse send blind tasting samples, numbered for identification ONLY by a the person/persons responsible for sending them and overlooking this whole deal, with various La Bleues (not only from the Clandestine distillery) and have me or others rate them. It seems to be the only way to do a fair comparison right now. I wouldn't say what I said if I didn't feel I had enough experience or knowledge to back it up. As if I didn't state it clearly enough in the post you're referring to I will, starting now, always start posts with "The following post contains speculations which I base on previous experiences and knowledge from similar events", if necessary.
  9. I do not know how that has turned out. I honestly can't see why anyone would go about trying to do such a thing anyway. I live in southern Sweden. We have a traditional type of aquavit simply called "Skåne" which is also the name of the region. "Skåne" is also produced by companies such as Reimersholm which is a Stockholm based company. Would I take them to court for that if I was also an aquavit producer? No. Why? Because anyone is entitled to make a product using that name as long as it doesn't do harm to anything. And as long as there are no regulations stating otherwise. In this case, "Doubs" is a registered trademark for that brand. I find it very difficult for anyone to change that based on some form of personal agenda, really. If we are going to take this to the extreme, I would have to say that the brand "La Fée" for instance would suffer the same consequences. Which fairy? THE fairy? Is there any such thing AS a fairy? Is La Fée "traditionally made" so that it would actually be deserving to be referencing "the fairy"? If so, how about the other products carrying the La Fee brand. Bohemian? Nah, doesn't deserve it. Parisian - close call. Maybe. XS - Sure, I guess I can live with that. King of Spirits? King of Bullshit maybe, but certainly not the King of Spirits. We can go on and on with such ridicule. THAT is why I think it is childish. And how about that "Cami Toulouse Lautrec". What ever did he do to be put in that name? We know he didn't drink it. etc etc etc and so on and so forth etc
  10. That's what I mean. For those that do know about the Doubs region and its connection to absinthe, it would be more of a tribute. No one else knows about that. Barely anyone outside Doubs know what Doubs is anyway. Which is why to me this looks more a childish personal vendetta kind of thing than anything else...
  11. You look less Canadian than I expected! Great photos!
  12. The Doubs issue is childish in my opinion not based on marketing blurbs but on the fact that someone sets after a product because it happens to be named after a region in which said person operates. There are no regulations as to what may or may not be called Doubs or even referring to Doubs if that was the matter. If there was, it wouldn't be childish, it would be a legal matter. There is nothing personal in this. I just say what's on my mind and intend to keep doing that.
  13. Essence of Darkness. As in - "taste of ass"?
  14. As I said, a tribute to the region, your point being? Yeah, and they are the first to use that kind of phrasing in their marketing? I'd love it if the bottle came with a time-machine, but guess what. It brings me a hell of a lot closer to what absinthe was in "glittering Paris" during the Belle Epoque than the "Bohemian" ever will. That's for sure. Fuck if I know. Another stupid phrase used by any and all absinthe manufacturers. As I said - this really has nothing to do with Oxy. This is what the manufacturers say. I do not agree with that. This still has nothing to do with the Doubs region what so ever. What's next - you're gonna sue the Swedish frickin' boy scouts too? You know, they have the Fleur-de-Lis as their symbol. How about that? http://www.scout.se/
  15. There is nothing on the Doubs bottle, except the name of the brand, which is a registered trademark if I'm not mistaken, that indicates anything that the product is related to the region of Doubs. (Other than Doubs being the birthplace of absinthe, which would pretty much mean that the name of the product is actually a salute to the birthplace of absinthe...) Besides - no one owns the right to use the word Doubs. If THAT is something anyone can even find the time to care about, how about putting all that energy into getting all Czech swill (and others) producers to quit calling their shit products "absinth(e)". And yes, that includes La Fée Bohemian. There's no need for me to defend Oxy, since I know he doesn't need me to, and would NEVER ask anyone to do such a thing. However, Oxy did help the makers of Doubs with getting to taste and look as much as a good absinthe as possible. That's it. He distributes it, as he does with other brands as well. He doesn't own part of the company or anything. The whole Doubs-region thing is just childish.
  16. Oh Alan, come on! I mean, did you too get really pissed off when there was no Turkey in the bourbon bottle?
  17. Wow. I am NOT going to pick little quotes from each and every post I wish to respond to but... Here are a few little things. I would not be surprised if the "wine base" Clandestine is the same as the La Fee XS. I am not saying it is, but it seems reasonable, unless there is some form of exclusivity to La Fee on that specific product. If so, they missed out on one vital point in that contract. What ever La Bleue you're putting on the market, it is going to be somewhat similar to what's already out there. If you add a wine base to that, that is the only thing making it a bit more unique. Bugnon's "own" wine base La Bleue is cheaper, and likely to either be the same or taste very much the same. Now, about other brands not "making it outside the internet business". That is bogus and BS. There are Un Emiles, Jades, Devoille and Lemercier absinthes sold all over the world in retail stores. Jade is available in Sweden even, which is not the case for La Fée for instance. (Yes, there is an importer for La Fée for the restaurant and hotel business - I do not count that as availability...) The Duplais absinthes are finding their way out in stores and are more than likely to be very successful with their attractive pricing. I fully understand the frustration shown by Oxy. Certain bits and pieces of this whole XS launch, really do look a lot like a "Jade bandwagon" thing. Rowley stirring herbs in a pot... So, he's the master distiller now? The pricetag which is at the same level only without justification... I am sorry, but I really can't find any other reason for this other than to try and make it a more upscale product than it really is. Knowing the production of both Bugnon and Guy, I cannot imagine they would completely change how they work - thus I cannot see a reason for this price increase... Correct me if I'm wrong, please. Again, it was about time that La Fée did release these products and they may be very nice and I will not say otherwise until I've tried them. However, the marketing truly does leave a lot to be wished. ...sorry if this is a repeat of what others have said - I just didn't bother reading through 4 full pages. So, kill me.
  18. A decent excuse to be drunk in class...
  19. I'll be "drinking" KOSG in 9 minutes from now.
  20. Keywords: Technique and equipment. A regular "waiter-style" cork-screw and good touch and it never breaks.
  21. Well, I didn't drink those six glasses in one sitting. I mean I have had six glasses from that bottle, in total.
  22. Well. I've had about 6 glasses of my 1797 bottle. Every single glass has actually louched up just perfectly. The Duplais, Jades and Artisanale have a bit thicker results but the 1797 is NOT far behind. The higher proof pre-release I had before obviously was harder to get to louche as "pretty" but I can't say I find any major problem in the 1797's louche now. Am I the only one doing it right? I'll take some photos the next time.
  23. I am sure that you can get a bottle reserved and held for you if you're just willing to add an additional 15-25% to the price. See, in the end everything is about money, wether you folks like it or not.
  24. Better to drink expensive old booze while young than to die a rich old bastard. Do it. Cash it. Buy the bottle. Don't worry. It'll be ok in the end. There's always the streets. Atleast you have a good story to tell your homeless friends by then.