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  1. Hmmm... It looks a lot like a strange mutation of a "coupe" absinthe glass and a champagne coupe. My first impression was that the coupe itself would've been deeper and larger for this to fit in the absinthe coupe category. But then, the "dose" doesn't fit the style of an ordinary champagne coupe either... I'd throw it away.
  2. Yes, the Obsello would definitely be the choice to make if they have it anywhere. I'm not sure if they've managed to get it out there in time for April but if you see it, buy it. (Review is available on http://www.absinthe.se/reviews/spain.html?obsello)
  3. A did the review, the author - no surprise - didn't quite agree with me and wrote comments back, I published those on my website. I now have a rebuttal which is published today. For those of you who understand Swedish - enjoy... http://www.absinthe.se/documents/Absint-Sa...Myt_respons.pdf
  4. There are a lot of registrations to be screened and as people do have real lives (yes - that is actually true even for most forum admins!) as well, it may sometimes take a while.
  5. Who has time for that these days!? Oh and, P68... That is nasty.
  6. Thanks! At least I'm not as old as pre-ban, or as Absomphe.
  7. Haven't sampled the Dornier-Tuller yet, but I don't think there's any Hibiscus in it. As far as I know there is nothing specific about it that would lend that color so it's likely that it's simply from ageing.
  8. I've never ordered a "shot of wine". If I did, I'd expect the shitty stuff I'd be served to cost no more than $5. That's for sure. I normally order wines by the bottle or by the glass. SHOTS of wine? Only in Poland I tell you!
  9. I have composed an email to him in response to his kind note on his newly released book... The review will be sent to various papers and I hope it'll do some good.
  10. I say a shot is normally 3-4 cl. 4cl shots makes 18.75 drinks out of 75cl. I said that "In best case you'd get 20 drinks out of a 75cl bottle". Shabba is correct about the "after 11" servings. It's the same everywhere...
  11. You know, just because the bottle is located at the top shelf doesn't mean it's a quality liquor. In best case you'd get 20 drinks out of a 75cl bottle. $5 a drink makes $100 per bottle. Way too little to cover expenses involved in the "top shelf liquor". I think ol' Johnny's playing tricks on you.
  12. So, all those of you who know Swedish can finally find a review of the first Swedish book on absinthe. I have just uploaded it to my site and by going to the first page you'll get a pop-up with links to the full review in Swedish as a PDF. If you have blocked pop-ups, there's a link in the news-list to the right. Trevlig läsning! http://www.absinthe.se/ ...for those of you who do NOT know Swedish I can give it all away - it wasn't very good. What a surprise.
  13. I am quite accustomed to how an absinthe develops and varies under various amounts of water. I've had a drink or two in my days... Now, my personal opinion is that if you need to add sugar to an absinthe in order to make it palatable and to take away any form of "excessive" bitterness, there's something wrong with it. I'm not saying the Angelique was undrinkable but the dry bitterness from macerated wormwood did go through and it did stick around for a long time. It was not a good bitterness. He could very well have made a verte with all the qualities he wanted without that last thing. The rest of the drink seems very pleasant underneath all that. Constructive criticism.
  14. Among the new Swiss vertes, it's the better one. That bitterness is definitely there though. And that ruins what could otherwise be a perfectly fine drink.
  15. Had a little reviewing session going on two nights ago... Here are reviews on Absinthe.se for all four of them: http://www.absinthe.se/reviews/switzerland.html?vallonne ...and here are the Fee Verte scores: Twin Tec Absinthe Biker Medicine La Fée Vallonne La Philosophe La Valdetra Verte
  16. Regarding the reference to Budweiser and Budvar before, I am happy to inform Tom and anyone else who cares, that the E.U have now, finally, ruled in favor of Annheuser Busch. The name Budweiser is theirs and no-one elses. So, now you can stop using that crappy argument, Tom.
  17. If they want to sell anything branded Absinth(e) in Switzerland they damn well better accept it. So. Tom went missing. Again. What a surprise.
  18. The absinthe bottles were all empty. If I'm not wrong one forum member does have one of those bottles. Several brands offered blanches "back then". C.F Berger did, Pernod Fils, Pontisallienne did as did many more. I guess vertes sold in higher quantities which is why the majority of the bottles found have been just that. A couple of blanches have appeared though.
  19. Ah, found it... It's Swiss laws and regulations, not German. http://www.edimuster.ch/alkoholpolitik/alkoholgesetze.htm#3
  20. Do you have a link to the actual German text?
  21. That bottle isn't very old at that. Given the circa 1975-ish Lisboa Absintho I've tried (review of that and five other vintages to be added to my site soon.... phew) I'd say I'd need to get paid to drink more of it. If you go back to maybe 1940-ish I'd say it's an entirely different thing though and likely to be fairly good.
  22. Ground-control to Major Tom.... Helloooooo.
  23. It fits pretty well with the 17th century alambics they have at that joint in Couvet...
  24. Who by the way celebrates his 300 year anniversary today. Born May 23, 1707 in Råshult, Sweden.
  25. The software is called paper, the hardware is called water colors, I believe...