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  1. I've only had a small glass of the modern Montana 68, and I'd say it's not that much of a difference, other than the alcohol. I believe there's a slight change in the "recipe", but not very detectable. And most of all, it's lightyears behind the vintage one.
  2. Many "vintage" absentas are actually really really good. None of the modern comes even close. Haven't tried vintage Deva, but the Montana is amazing. The modern Montana 68 is a disgrace in comparison to the original. WhyteKnight... If you swing the money for it, I'll be happy to test it. Considering they lowered the price tag from 10.000 to 2.000 in a couple of months, I'm guessing in six months time they should cut another 80% off the price, and THEN it might be worth thinking about buying. Or... Some sucker will actually be buying it at somewhere between 1000-2000 Euros.. Bah!
  3. The one at Alandias site is probably from around 1960 or so, that's my guess. At least it looks that way. The price tag at 2.000 Euros is just plain silly. What's even more silly is the fact that they had a bottle of ca 1950 Tarragona that sold at 3.000 Euros! Fools. Edit: WhyteKnight. Yup... I was thinking that very same thing...
  4. Like it... The BdF is better, but a totally different blanche in all. The Kbler 53 is on par with the White Fairy, maybe a little more anise.
  5. Well, yes. You could simply use it for water...
  6. And here are two little somethings that I recently got my hands on... Edit: sorry... I had to go screw up the layout here... move on.
  7. That's the time it usually takes before I get bottles I've ordered from LdF... Who's Hiram to change that?!
  8. Oh yeah... I generally recieve packages from him within 4-5 days from ordering. And that's across the Atlantic. Excellent service - great prices.
  9. http://www.saddler.co.uk/acatalog/Gadget_W...ling_Canes.html And the favorite is... http://www.saddler.co.uk/acatalog/Toulouse...pling_Cane.html :thumbs_up:
  10. I've added a full review, with photos at my website: http://www.absinthe.se/reviews/switzerland.html?kubler53
  11. A couple of crapsinthes are made outside the UK, but for UK companies. Such as Trenet "Premium"...
  12. Ahhh... Interesting discussion, really.
  13. Dawn! Is that Dawn as in "was in Gothenburg and did belly dancing" - Dawn? If so, I am the one with my head up my ass and way too much to do. I never got back to you... I am a bad person. And I am sincerely sorry!
  14. Phew! Here I thought I was the one on trial. He he.
  15. I posted this over at the Lounge earlier and I figured I'd post it here as well. I got a little sample of the Kübler 53 and I tried it yesterday. I can only say that I was pleasantly suprised. In my opinion it's a rich improvement from the Kübler 57. The burnt tone on the 57 is long gone. Instead it's got a rather floral "bouqet", rich in fennel. It actually has a little of that "baby powder" mouth feel as the BdF, but not as complex in taste. It louches in an instant after only very little water, but it doesn't have any extreme anise/star anise taste. I'd say that this is actually a huge step up from the K57. There are better CO blanches out there, BdF for one, but the Kübler 53 is very nice. I'm not that fond of the low ABV but hey, less water... Compare it to HGs? Well, the ones that came to mind while tasting it was that it actually reminded me of one ET and one Moonman blanche. Asking me for what number of each is like asking Michael Moore to be truthful (in yer face!). Ain't gonna happen since I don't remember. All in all, a decent blanche (bleue!?), a huge leap forward from earlier Küblers.
  16. xXx with dickwhad Vin Petrol... No Diesel, sorry. In a club there's one of the "bad guys" - a czech or other form of easter euro-pee-on Boris guy - shooting absinth.
  17. Hey y'all! Hiram, nice going... Had no idea you had put up a forum. Glad to be here.
  18. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Must know what going on... And... Once I finally get my friggin arse over, I must make sure it's when there's a WS gathering.
  19. Thanks Jack. And I couldn't agree more. The higher end of the commercial scale is to me, a good example of good absinthe. The non-co's that I've had have been of diverse quality some good, some really good and some plain awful. Oil mixes will never cut it. I did an experiment myself once, with the infamous Gert Strand essence. 1 part absinthe essence and 2.5 parts pastis essence in a 55-60% alcohol produces a mix that was way better (and cheaper) than many commercial oil mixes available. Not saying it was worth drinking, though. Either way, thanks for lay out.
  20. Nope, but I couldn't leave you alone. So, hartsmar's here. And to those in here that do - for some reason - not know me, I'm a gazillion miles away, and here: http://www.absinthe.se/ Here's to you all.