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  1. Bah. Who needs a cork for wine?! This is the only way to go! Bag-in-box! Press handle, wine comes out. Release, wine stops coming out. 3 liters handy whenever. Frat-style wine. I don't drink wine.
  2. Anyone who likes the Fracois Guy would enjoy the D'Argeys. No doubt about that. I think the Argeys is a bit better, actually. Like a mix of F Guy and Un Emile. Yeah, I know - it might sound frigthening to you Jack. It's actually not all bad. It's made by Lemercier. It's not in production anymore though. (Unless the 45% Abisinthe is the same... Not sure, since I've never bothered with that one.) Hiram, you being a Guy lover (oooh)... You should get a bottle. I think you'll like it. WhyteKnight, yes. If you're ok with it being at 45% only, you could order it. It's an ok drink. Edit: Just realized I had posted parts of this before... Dang! Not good to post while being drunk... Back to the cabinet again - I have more to taste, sample and review.
  3. Probably, I mean - imagine all poor bastards named Jack...
  4. Nah, Gammel Dansk is much more flavored. More intense. I wouldn't compare it to a Campari. I hate Campari, but I can enjoy a glass of Gammel Dansk. Gammel Danske doesn't have that dry mouthfeel at all. It's bitter - sure, but not dry in that sense.
  5. Serpis Dry is like a really bitter very dry campari, but worse. Unless you're planning on using it as a mixer for drinks, there's really no use for it at all, ever.
  6. Serpis 65 is what you should get. Serpis Dry is bad. Don't expect a "regular" absinthe taste. That's all. I like it every now and then.
  7. So... Can we move back on topic here? Figured I'd give a small "heads up" on the François D'Argeys and the Maranini from Corsica. François D'Argeys. Sort of a combination between F. Guy and Un Emile 45... Weird. I personally think the D'Argeys taste better than the Guy, though. Not quite as anisey. Nothing to rave about, but drinkable. The Maranini... HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sheesh. This one apparently won an absinthe competition in Marseille. I don't know how. Probably because it's pre-sweetened and the already overly drunk tasters enjoy their overly sweet pastis. Artificial color, artificial taste, sweet as f*cking hell and all in all, no. Not very good. ...and as a bonus, I'll give a small note on something I'm drinking just now. Only had a few sips of it, but still... It's the Absinthium - Fata Verde, from Pastiglie Leone, Italy. The same freaks that make the absinthe candy. UGH. But. there's something to this one that gets me. It's not all natural, but the taste is actually better than many others I've had. Also, there's a VERY clear taste of citrus. It's refreshing as hell, but still not good enough. There. I'll go back to my cabinet and keep drinking now.
  8. Yup... Caviar, Creme Cheese, Mayo.. Hell, even toothpaste.
  9. Some good tips: http://www.heskonsult.se/Swede-L/swedlet2.htm#lutfisk If you want something REALLY hideous, you should go for "Surstrmming"... Now that is some real nasty doo-doo. Take fish, I think it's herring, you let it sit and ferment, and then salt it. The result - it STINKS like hell. Put it in a can. Sell it. WTF?! Here: http://www.svensson.com/norge/sur1.htm
  10. There's also this midgetized hobgoblin character with a really nasty laughter... MY EYES!!!
  11. Nothing out of the ordinary. IMO you'd be just as good with a bottle of Kbler 53.
  12. coming soon from a czech plant to the comfort of your home... turpsinthtine! With extra turpjones!
  13. If you're thinking of the part on the From Hell DVD, that's Ian.
  14. Welcome! But don't pretend you know more than everyone else here...
  15. Thirsty Traveller on Food Network did a really good program on absinthe. I know Discovery channel (or was it Nat. Geo?) did a little something a while back, nothing amazing though. And in little ol' Sviiiiiden there's been a really lame attempt on making a documentary on absinthe. They went to Prague...
  16. Abby! Glad I'm not alone! Me neither. No secondfairies ever.
  17. So... The rip-off must be the 1st runner up then? Oh well... One more for the shelf.
  18. Ah.. Of course. Now it remains to see if they taste the same...
  19. Really? Ouch. Lucky me to be here, then...
  20. Stop whining. THAT's what a man would do. Edit: In order to be a man, by G&C standards, I will continue here: DenSetsu: If you're thinking of any of those, go for Absinthvertrieb.de. Order the Montmartre and a Kbler 53 (instead of the Alandia La Bleue). The K53 is at a better price, and taste the same, if not better...
  21. To asnwer the questions above, I ordered them both. What's a man to do?!
  22. I've seen this one, and I've been meaning to get it. I think it reminds a lot of François Guy, and also, in the back of my head I recall a story about another Pontarlier brand "ripping off" F Guy. Since it's at only 45%. Another one I found at Alandia (why am I even at that damned site?!) is this: http://www.alandia.de/absinth/product_info...products_id/267 From Corsica!?