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  1. The bottle does have a totally different labeling and shape than the modern Hermes did... Don't know if it's actually from the 40's but I guess it could be. I'd say it's probably more of a nice historical find than a revolutionary sensation in regards of its taste. I'd enjoy tasting it though.
  2. Hermes is no longer in production, which would probably be the only reason to buy it, for novelty of it being the only Japanese "absinthe" and now no longer available.
  3. Oh... "Art" justifies anything these days... SHIT!
  4. My "they spelled it right" was referring to "Artemisia absinthium"...
  5. Well, I mean - they spelled it right.
  6. Well, apart from a load of "not quite correct" information, it wasn't ALL bad. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is NOT Chernobyl in Russian. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl#Name_origin From Wikipedia: (If anyone really really wants to spend the dollars, here's the article from NYtimes: http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/nytimes/120553...c+Tale+and+Fear ) Also, that "Vermouth" would be french for A.A... No thank you. And I can't quite follow the path leading down to A.A being Salvia?! Then, I really like this one: or... or why not this historically and factually incorrect little bit:
  7. Sorry, but no... Seriously though, if I had the chance, I would - but we're staying with friends in San Diego. Besides, it's not just me - it's the entire family... Makes things a bit more complicated that to just get on a plane to Seattle to get drunk. Sadly. So, no - not this time.
  8. Not even absinthe could make me plan a trip to a part of the US where the weather is the same as here - or worse!
  9. Sure thing! I take it you'll rebook my flights, pay the fees and throw in an upgrade to first class while you're at it.
  10. If you relocate an LCLF to San Fransisco at May 26th, or any day after May 29th to San Diego or L.A, I'll be there... I'll be in California May 25th - June 7 if all goes well. Trip is booked.
  11. Jack... Did it ever cross your mind that your palate is burnt? Oh, and we don't like Perigan. And saying that Un Emile or K57 or even the Emile Coulin (for instance) would be drinkable, and good enough for beginners, doesn't mean that they're a first hand choice of ours (mine). But not all are given the chance to sample pretty much whatever is out there. And you still haven't provided lutfisk-sinthe, so... you should shut up. Keep in mind that it's Hiram who likes François Guy...
  12. I really like the Montmartre... As you said Hiram, the cinnamon is "real". To me the citrus/lemon and mint additions make the drink very refreshing, without being too dominant.
  13. Yeah... I usually take my clogs and get my sorry Social Security-everything-is-free-here-but-over-taxed ass and go across the bridge to buy cheap booze and beer. Atleast the beer part was true.
  14. ...while fighting polar bears in the streets and banging women that are all named Inga. Gertz: You don't know squat about high taxes on booze!
  15. MrGreenGenes... That would be more German. But I think they'd call it "Lutfisk" maybe. And it would taste burnt. Or... In true IKEA manner, it would probably be a "do it yourself"-kit. ompir: I highly doubt you can get the Edouard there. First of all, it's the distillers proof. Second, the label wouldn't be legal in france, third, the bottle size probably ain't legal either. And... It took them quite a while to get the N-O out on the french market, so.... no.
  16. Well, I don't know. I don't really care. Sure the "clear-headed drunkeness" have appeared at times, but I'm not quite sure I'd qualify that as secondaries. Either way, I enjoy the drink and that's all I care about.
  17. I've had a doo-doo-load of various absinthe brands, CO's as well as HG's. I don't know, a hundred in total, probably more. I can give you my personal rundown on secondaries.... Brand #1: None Brand #2: None Brand #3: None ... ... ... Brand #99: None Brand #100: None
  18. How would the anethole affect things? There's a limit on anethole-amount in France, no? Would the anethole in combination with other compounds be responsible for what ever effect could be present. I for one am still looking for one single brand that would give me secondaries. None have produced anything I'd call secondaries this far...
  19. I've been in touch with a lady at Lemercier a couple of times, and I informed her about my thoughts on the promoting of the fire ritual. She agreed and also told me that this will actually be removed on future batches. They are using up the last of the "old" labels with the fire-ritual printed... That's atleast one step forward.
  20. So, Ted - is the Lemercier Abisinthe 45 the same as the d'Argeys? Do you know? Personally I think the Argeys tastes better than F Guy. Shame they pull lame stunts like this.