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  1. Or the other way around... The Clandestine LB is suspiciously close to the Kublers.
  2. What I still don't get is that old song... Mbop...
  3. Looks a lot like these: http://www.absinthesuisse.com/CLANDESTINE.htm
  4. Of course not. He only sells the parts to build it with. And he happens to have manuals for it... Along with his damned absinth essences...
  5. Nope, and Sqertz is in Denmark, by the way. Home distilling used to be huuuuge in Sweden though. Lots of people distilling thousands of liters, selling to the general public like nothing really mattered. Now, since the importation levels have been raised and the prices are so damned low in say Germany, Denmark and maybe Finland, people travel there instead, to buy booze. That has more or less erased home distillers from at least southern Sweden. Buying vodka in Germany costs less than buying home distilled "vodka". So, home distilling is not legal in Sweden, no.
  6. Maybe you could go fix again, coz shit still ain't working - booooiiiii
  7. Or... "Making better love naked is drowning in a canoe"?
  8. I doubt there's enough demand for absinthe in the U.S, or anywhere for the "big terrible money sucking capitalist corporations" to "take over" any production. Legalizing it would enhance the possibilities to actually get your hands on the good stuff, maybe without paying out of your ass to bring it to your table. I know, you'd see a load of Hill's and other crapsinth on the market, but hey - it's the same thing with any type of spirits. Bourbon, whiskey, cognac - you name it. There's a shitty wannabe worthless no-good brand for everything.
  9. Seems like the object has been ended... ? No bids though... Odd.
  10. What worries me is that the Elixier has been opened.
  11. YAY! I know damn well what I'll be bringing back home from my visit across the pond this summer!
  12. I totally agree... But I can see how some one can believe it might be metallic. Only, someone who obviously sells a lot of vintage or semi-rare bottles ought to know better.
  13. Saw those as well. Considering the bottle is from 1973, it's no wonder if it's PVC shrink plastic, eh. Though I have some bottles where that actually looks and feels like metallic foil, only thicker.
  14. Wooot! You mean like in the real PO... sort of... like kinda, yay? Great sites. Thanks
  15. Tomorrow was a week ago... That sentence alone defies everything.
  16. Ok, with shipping added, I presume... Shipping needs to be added to the Hermes as well, so...
  17. Leone Absinthe: http://www.absinthe.se/reviews/misc.html?leoneabsinthium Leone Pastilles: http://www.absinthe.se/oddities/ Thread on FeeVerte: http://www.feeverte.net/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=3&t=2135
  18. No, I believe he has only one. However he sells other "vintage" bottles as well. He sells a load of Scotch Malts as well. That's probably what he means with the "combined shipping on several bottles". I don't know, I wouldn't pay the $299 Buy it now... $199 might be ok I guess, but mainly for novelty value. I have never tried either this one or the "modern" Hermes so I can't tell about the taste. I'd much rather have a bottle of the 68% version that Pierreverte shows in that photo. Then again, $199 would buy you 2 bottles of Jade... So, unless you're planning on collecting it, I don't know. If you're just after something good to drink, I wouldn't bother with this one. I'd enjoy having it in my collectoin, and I'd enjoy tasting it. I just don't have the money to spend on this right now. I am sure it's nothing great at all, so it would probably not be money "well spent" any way...
  19. Did a little research on my own here, and apparently so did the seller... The bottle is from the 70's. Showa 48 is the year 1973. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/japan/year.htm
  20. It is no heat-shrink thingy. It is saran wrap. Put there recently to protect labelling et.c He removed it to take photos of the cap and bottle for me. I have contacted Suntory to see if they can give more answers. As far as I know Suntory probably quit making their absinthe maybe some time around the 60's or so, as did many others. Then started making it again in late 80's or mid 90's or something, like everybody else... The "modern" one was more or less a pastis and is no longer in production.
  21. The way true capitalism works it would in the end also mean that people would no longer be folish enough to buy his crap at those outrageous amounts of dollars. Considering what is available and that people actually start to understand what's good and what's not, Petr will eventually be out of business, or have to produce better products. It won't happen over night, but it will happen. Another aspect of capitalism. Ahh...