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  1. Thanks everyone! Hiram, I love your singing voice, really! He he. Abby, absolutely! Sadly I totally missed the fact that you were there! I usually go to visit friends there once a year, so hopefully - with some luck, next summer will be the same.
  2. It seems the seller is a friend of a certain doctor....
  3. and that's where I'm definitely with you! It's lovely!
  4. Well, of course the "sweating" won't harm anyone... Though for a really nice set-up I do prefer not having to put paper towels around the fountain base in order to stop that. Which I have never had to do with the repros... Just thought I'd mention it... Another thing is that if you happen to knock those glass fountains over, they break far easier than the others. The glass is not as thick, and if you break ever so little of it, the entire thing is ruined. The repros can atleast be fixed by getting "spare" parts... The option of buying one of those bottles or jars at Wal-Mart is functional and cheap, though not as neat looking. For everyday use when you're only one or two people, they might be ok...
  5. Those fountains, made entirely out of glass have a tendency to "sweat" a lot. The repros from Frenchman are really nice and as was said earlier, the newer ones shouldn't have those old problems. Also, the new design he has now is even more accurately reproduced and veeery nice. http://www.absinthefrenchmanspoon.com/absi.../font/font2.htm
  6. Oh yes - that was definitely the Berger... Imagine the co-incidence that Peter would just happen to be sitting at that very café when Anthony walked in. WOW!...
  7. One option could be for any private person to "rent" the time and space with a local distiller and get what ever it is he/she wants done legal. I believe that is possible in ie Germany. It would still mean you'd have to pay taxes etc, but that's something you'll never get around in the long run. Sadly.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me... People here still think that the only real absinthe is found in Czechia and on streetcorners... Like any crack-seller in [pick any bad "hood" in big US city].
  9. Many of the really bad Czech ones would make it in without a problem. That is a problem in itself. But as you say WK, that would mean they admit that there's no such thing as t-jone in their products...
  10. Oh, it's true. Only, with costs in consideration and the limited time that ie the Jade N-O have been out on the market it is quite obvious why it hasn't been aged for several years.
  11. Grim... I'll forever treasure that memory also. I'm not defending anyone. I'm merely speaking my mind, as is everyone else. Jack, ok no "issue". What I'm saying is that everyone keeps talking about the "high" prices and that people are making a load of money due to that. Maybe not here but it's been mentioned on other forums, you know that. Gatsby, why isn't it fair? Well, as you say yourself, it's only for a few to indulge in HG absinthes. That's one. Then, as mentioned before, and I think most agree, CO scale production isn't exactly like HG production times 100. There's more to it than that. As WK puts it, the comparison on taste between "us" here might be great, but it is of no value for the average Joe. Swiss LB's are COs if they're legally produced and sold. They are HGs if they're not. In order to actually go CO with their Swiss LBs I take it they do NOT use a stove top potstill making 2-5 liters at a time.
  12. Oh I'm sure that [insert name of favourite distiller to hate this month] will make some money on the production. Only, even though I don't take this entire issue all that serious as it may seem, I think it's ridiculous to comment on the price when not knowing the entire cost of production. All said about that are pure speculations and "thinking" that one knows what costs the distiller has or have had. That's what bugs me. However, concerning HG and CO comparison I think Hiram has that covered, and I agree at most points. Far from all HGs are good and even fewer are excellent. The same thing goes for CO, only - they are available to the general public.
  13. That is part of the issue here. There are no extensive fortunes to be made by distilling absinthe.
  14. I second that. Still weak in louche, but a lot tastier than regular UE. HG's or not, things are happening at the CO end of production. Wether you know it or not... After reading through this thread I am happy to see that Hiram does what many other should. HG is not comparable to CO absinthe, end of story. Which is the sole reason for me not adding HGs to my reviews on my site. Only two HGs are there and those are Swiss LBs which for a long time was more or less CO-available anyway over the net.
  15. I actually think that if someone was to challenge it, they regulations would be repealed. Within EU, there are limits set, considered safe. We all know, and many along with us, that those limits are waaaay below any harm to humans. I think it's simply a question of no one having had to bother with any of this. As you say about the ephedra thing, that is probably correct, only then it would take quite a while before they even bother thinking of doing those tests. one way might be that the FDA would set a limit similar to the EU limit of 10mg/kg but NOT include the "bitter" limit of 35mg. Wouldn't matter to us, but it would keep out the crappy idiot fratboy brands. I don't know how one would go about these things, but I think it'd be fairly easy to get the testing done, and probably quite easy to provide the material to prove absinthe being harmless.
  16. Given that Absente manages - with a clear reference to absinthe in the name, I doubt there would be any trouble working out a way to go around that regulation. Question is, is there a "0 tolerance" against thujone - requiring a completely thujone free product, or is there simply a maximum limit set? Also, would the FDA bother with the difference between alpha and beta? What about the ketones Fenchone etc...
  17. Try textured. http://www.yourdictionary.com/ahd/t/t0137200.html Textural would be in regards to the word "text" and not "texture". Oh, and I thought I was the sexiest thing ever...
  18. They most certainly do not separate the two. Traditional absinthe production methods - distilling - would obviously give lower thujone levels than a simple macerate. Oil mixes would go under the radar without any problems what so ever, unless they've added wormwood oil. Unfortunately I don't know anyone working for the FDA, to simply get a sample over for testing, for fun. I do know a lady at the IRS though. Don't know if that helps. Sidenote: I got a fax from Kyle Bairnsfather with the test-result of his latest batch of Bairnsfather Bitter. A really poor result-sheet I must say, but atleast a lab-test. They did not separate the alpha and beta thujone in that test, and he reached a level of 34.6mg/kg. Completely uninteresting but since EU laws doesn't require separation, his test i correct. It still gives a faulty number for those of us who knows more than Frat Boy Tony Buying Drugs Off The Internet For His Funky Frat Party. He'll be really happy, wasted and add more to the myths and keeping absinthe from even being considered for re-evaluation by the FDA.
  19. About the Chartreuse, I don't know if there's AA in it... On the other hand, no one knows but the monks, eh?
  20. The Serpis Dry is nothing to bother with. I'd say.... Let her drink something else.
  21. How can one really be that bothered about some publicity on a spoon!? Would it have bothered you just as much if it was publicity for Jade Absinthe or Paul Devoille Absinthe or anyting like that? Besides, if you want the romance, atmosphere and what not, from the "belle epoque", why not just buy antique spoons instead? Problem solved. Of course, there's publicity spoons from that era as well. Just be sure not to pick up one of the many pastis spoons...