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  1. That is one seriously beautiful glass... Would go so well with my ouraline carafe... Hmmm.
  2. I only have the Elixier de Grande Chartreuse. The 71% version. I believe that one is entirely different in taste from the other more "low" proofs.
  3. Haven't had a sip of Chartreuse in over a year... Maybe I should. It's pretty weird with a "main flavouring ingredient" among 130 different herbs and spices. He he...
  4. They do remind a lot of each other. Take the Pontarlier Anis and add just a liiiiiittle bit of wormwood and you have the François Guy. The "ancienne" Anis is an excellent anis aperitif, no doubt but it's very close to the F Guy. A little annoying. Maybe I'm missing something here from having a few glasses of VS65 and also of a veeeeery good HG - but I don't think so.
  5. under the supervision of MCD... Wow. She's never tasted it. Serpis is also distilled. Go figure. It's been artificially coloured, but still...
  6. I'll do a side-by-side tasting of the F Guy and their "Pontarlier Anis a l'ancienne Sans Sucre" tonight. I believe they may be very much alike....
  7. I can do very well without it. I rate it along the line of EU version of Absente and just a hint above Pernod 68. I consider other - spanish - oil mixes better than the La Fee...
  8. Oh, of course it can be un-banned. It's just that it probably won't be as easy as simply proving that an absinthe can be thujone free... It's likely there would be many turns and twists on such a case, but since I believe we all know that it all does come down to the thujone content and things based on out-dated "science" it would of course be quite possible to get it done.
  9. Doesn't matter... The item, absinthe, is named as a prohibited item. No good for import. It doesn't only say "any liqour containing wormwood" it specifically spells out absinthe. That makes it a lot more troublesome since that would probably make it possible for customs to disallow importation of pretty much anything with "absinthe" anywhere on the label... This is certainly not making things any easier. If you put "absinthe" on the label, but proved it to be 100% thujone free it would pass FDA regulations. It would however, probably not pass Customs regulation... A technicality, but it's there.
  10. Also, note this - tip number 6... http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/vacation/top_ten_tips.xml
  11. It's right here, first item on the list of Prohibited and Restricted items, from the U.S Customs and Border Protection website: http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/vacation..._restricted.xml
  12. Hiram, I'm pretty sure I've read it. I'll go look...
  13. Isn't there one little problem left though? Apart from the whole deal with absinthe containing small amounts of thujone, there's this little issue that Absinthe in itself - as a product - still is banned in the U.S, right? You cannot import absinthe into the US, thujone or not. Or did I dream that?
  14. The "A Myth Always Green" covers about the same things as the others but also added some historic views that are not in the rest. I also like the way it is written. That, and I like the people that did write it. The Pernod book is available in both english and french. Take a pick. It is available from Markus at http://www.absinthe-distribution.com/ among others.
  15. Yes you are. A good book with lots of good reading. Also, I purchased the "Pernod 200 yrs" while in Pontarlier... (Yes, signed by the Madame "I don't drink but write" Delaheye...) That is one damn good book.
  16. Oh and by the way, Hiram... I've got your number in my cell phone now so don't you go thinking you're safe or anything.
  17. Did you check for feds waiting outside the office? They could be there you know. Hell, maybe even Grissom is there!
  18. Happy belated! . Wish I'd known... Then I'd invite you to go camping
  19. The F Guy WAS actually entered in the competition. I have no idea why the moron there told us that it would not be a part of it.
  20. Rumour has it, the Swiss cows are "calmed down" by being fed Marijuana... Who knows!? Hiram, great talking to you. We had a great time and all was just perfect. The good Delahey was there, no chance in discussing pork-chops though. Met Helfrich (from FV) outside the Emile distillery just out of the blue. The Swiss proudly walked away from the absinthe tasting competition with two winners. That ought to be a kick in the crotch on most French. The F Guy didn't make it very well... Tons of overly expensive antiques, both fake and real - as well as nicely priced pieces that'd be nice to have. Brought back some new drinks which I wish I hadn't spent my money on. Photos will be posted eventually - probably on FeeVerte... Also, it was just great to meet all the jerks who were there, Oxy, Peter, Zman, Gertz, German Markus and also a good friend of mine who tagged along. Anything you might hear about Sleigh-beds are probably made up and the source is not reliable. Cheers to you all!
  21. The most common period glasses are very heavy, yes.
  22. HA HA HA... Nope. It's your soul these days. It's either that, or they won't include the little tool-thingy for assembling the damned furniture.
  23. ...and so we take another soul... *insert evil laughter here*