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  1. Great news! Good to see things go so well.
  2. Coz there is none... unless you were referring to Star anise...
  3. North of Colorado Desert which is in the south of CA. Eagles could be many things... Eagles as in The Eagles - the music group. Or... If I'm not wrong, there was an eagles breeding program at the S.F zoo a while back... Sultans... hmmm. That must be Sultans of Swing. the Swinging community... S.F is rather sexually lax, eh.. HA HA There are also a multitde of restaurants named Sultan in S.F... Plates could be the cause of the earth-quake center S.F is... Hell, I don't know.. S.F just felt good.
  4. I'm hoping to have it in my cabinet over here in Sweden by Christmas...
  5. it's a stream using rtmp, thus you cannot download the flv on its own and you cannot "rip the flash" since that will only get you the swf.
  6. I believe it's not distilled but instead only macerated. I'm not quite sure if they add oils or such but I don't think so. I think it's made the same way as their pastis. Each ingredient is macerated on its own and then filtered several times and then all is blended.
  7. Whoa! Blasphemy! cocktails with akvavit!? WTF? Akvavit is actually protected by EU-laws and requires the drink to contain Cumin and/or Dill. If it doesn't contain that it is classified as Brännvin (schnapps when spiced, or else like a vodka). Other than cummin and dill, classic ingredients in akvavit are fennel and anise and sometimes... wormwood. tadaaa There are also some slightly "special" brands that use other ingredients, like "Herrgårds Akvavit" which contains Whisky and Coriander and also some akvavit which takes some of its taste from added Sherry. It goes on and on. But... You drink it cold - not ice cold because you want to taste the flavours of course, but around 10-12 degr. Celsius and you drink it in small glasses - like shot glasses - holding about 3cl. If you want to be a good Swede you sing a dumb-ass song before each drink.
  8. Been meaning to post this for a while but never got around to it. Starters: Scallops, green asparagus, bacon and a lovely balsamico. Main dish: Venison and Potato gratin (Dauphinois) and chanterelles Food is fun.
  9. Good going! But that's some damn ugly brick work... Is that Free Masonry?
  10. Vanilla ice cream and absinthe IS delicious.
  11. True, I would also need to taste it again to get a 'clear' opinion (though from the 3 or 4 people who tasted it that night, all were disliking that overpowering minty taste). True. I never got to drink anything yesterday so I'll need to check it today. -without the belgian beers before... See - I think the Belgians are to blame for everything. Including mayonaise.
  12. Well, first of all I'd like to say that the only taste I've had of the final bottle I got is that little glass in Boveresse. I will need to have more than that to really look into it. The previous one was nice IMHO. I will taste it tonight just for the sake of this. The minty taste might be what is mostly changed in this last one...? I haven't enough memory from the little tasting in the room in Boveresse to compare with the previous. Either way, I like the Obsello for what it is. It's got the typical absenta touch and it's way better than any available spanish oil mix and better than the Segarra. It's not 1969 Montana though.
  13. ...if it does well, that is...
  14. It sounds promising. I need to get me a bottle of each then...
  15. If I'm not wrong, there were ten absinthes entered. Vieux Pontarlier 65, Mansinthe, Duplais Verte, Kübler, Obsello, St. George and I guess Leopold Bros. are all distilled and naturally colored products. The 10th absinthe obviously didn't get a medal and it's not listed. I have my thoughts on what it was, and I think that too is a distilled product. That makes 80% of what was entered. The Aussiesinthe Moulin Rooz, I don't know...
  16. Although I would be inclined to agree at some levels, the different medals are awarded based on scores. This is why there can be several gold-, silver- or bronze medal winners. The knowledge of absinthe among the jury people is most often very little to say the least. La Fee wins points because it is extremely green and has a light rather easy to like taste to any and all who are a bit familiar with pastis or such. To anyone familiar with true absitnhe, it's hardly even worth the price of the bottle it's in. It's good to see more and more absinthes in these competitions though, since it will eventually educate people on what is and what is not considered a good absinthe. François Guy used to take home the gold medal at the Absinthiades every year, until more knowledgeable people started to be part of the jury. the differences in scores for different absinthes between the "people's jury" and the "professionals jury" in Pontarlier shows this issue very clearly. What's good though is that the majority of the absinthes entered were not oil mixes or "absinth"... This proves things are moving in the right direction.
  17. I want to thank you. When I first started learning about Absinthe your site was one of the first ones I found. I cannot tell you how long I spent reading everything. It is still my first bookmark in my Absinthe folder. WS was the second, I lurked for the longest time now they can't get rid of me. And thanks to everyone I never bought shit... Thanks again. Where the blush emoticon?
  18. I finally got around to putting up a review of the S:t George on my site as well... http://www.absinthe.se/reviews/misc.html?stgeorgeverte
  19. Not many french cafe patrons would recognize absinthe if it hit them in the face...
  20. Well yes. It's a very nice glass and it obviously works well as an absinthe glass so...