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  1. Probably the people at the store have no idea what Tempus Fugit is, simply because the often hardly know what it is they sell unless it's Bud Light Lime.


    However, if they have Mansinthe on the shelf, they should be able to hook you up with Pacifique, since Tempus Fugit is the main distributor for Mansinthe in the U.S...


    Methinks you just need to talk to the right person in "your store".

  2. Hell yeah.


    Took a while, but it's done. Absinthe.se is reworked with a completely new design and a lot of additions made both in historical findings and elsewhere.


    New nice findings regarding Oscar Wilde, Absinthe history in Scandinavia and also some new poems, never previously translated to english (thank you pierreverte!).


    And to be really annoying - there's also the FULL lyrics to Absinthe Frappé by MacDonough... as opposed to what you thought was it... ;)


    Now I don't have time for this.. must fill up with all the reviews I've been holding back for the launch of this.

  3. Not to take away from the potential sale(s) and purpose of the thread, but is this common practice? To buy a bottle of pre-ban, extract samples & then sell it to the next interested party? Is this frowned upon at all? I'm not passing judgment I 'm just curious. This may be a good way to buy and try vintage absinthe at a lower rate.


    I'm not sure what you mean, but selling pre-ban samples are "common" and not a bad idea.

    To get a full bottle of pre- or post-ban vintage absinthe, extract samples from it and then reseal that bottle and sell it with the remaining contents would be very very low.

  4. I am offering a very limited amount of 50ml samples of this quite rare wonderful spanish absenta.

    They all come from a perfectly intact bottle in most excellent shape.


    PM me for details on price and availability, I promise that the price is very attractive, as is the drink...





  5. And if you look at the size of the sugar in proportion to the rest of the glass, it must've been something like a 3oz dose, otherwise it would've been much too sweet.


    One glass of absinthe, with a side of insulin, please!


    French sugar cubes was (and are) fairly large. Twice the size of a normal sized Swedish sugar cube for instance. Also, back then it was quite common to add not only one, but two or even three sugar cubes to your absinthe...

  6. Wow!


    first of all, it has been a while since the Buyer's Guide was updated, yes. For very good reasons that is. Reviews are still submitted in the forum though. For the very same reason my own site hasn't been updated in a while, but be sure there is a bunch of reviews ready and done, waiting to be published.


    Regarding whether or not any personal things affect the reviews in the Guide, that is bullshit.

    I personally screen the reviews that are submitted, before they enter the Guide and if there is anything too far away from the ultimate goal of a review and stray towards personal attacks of some kind, this is discussed with the reviewer in question and corrected. However, there is NEVER any censoring of the review itself (scores or comments). As long as it is factual and about the product it stays.


    And to make things SUPER CLEAR none of the people reviewing stuff over at FV ever get paid to do so. Unless you count the "benefit" of getting samples of King of spirits Gold or such shit for reviewing.


    There. as you were.



    ...oh and, thanks for enjoying the wonderfully exquisite Absinthe.se website. :D

  7. I guess some of you may have seen this, but for those who haven't...

    Anyone interested in absinthe should definitely have a really close look at this and I am quite sure it will be the book on absinthe. Oxy have done the probably not that easy work of compiling the contents of the Virtual Absinthe Museum (and then some) into the definitive absinthe guide. YAY!



    Now I need to pre-order me one...