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  1. About 2-3 months back I noticed Lucid was more yellow than the pale olive that had been so consistent bottle after bottle. These days the color is even lighter to an actual well, yellow. As for the flavor it does sometimes seem to be weaker to me, but my feeling was I had gotten to used to Absinthes with much stronger flavor profiles like La Coquette and others. Last May when I reviewed Lucid one of the things that impressed me was it's consistency bottle after bottle. I think at the time Lucid was the only US release selling nationally, ST George was available in selected states and limited quantity. You might try tweaking your water ratio with Lucid I prefer it at about 2:1. My guess would be due to it's popularity corners have been cut in quality of ingredients, distillation process or both - in an effort to meet the demand.
  2. You've made the launch of Mateau a hard act to follow - the web site is gorgeous, classy and informative. Congratulations on raising the bar so high and best of luck!
  3. Follow up I just received an email from LDF - all is well, the package didn't leave the UK until the 28th so it should be arriving after the holiday. The delay had nothing to do with LDF whatsoever. Just one of things.
  4. American youth drink themselves to death in alarming numbers. Usually a part of hazing or "drinking games" and they're not drinking Absinthe. I despise the double standard of "Drugs and alcohol" as if alcohol isn't a drug-or somehow less dangerous. Abused, it can have the same lethal consequences as any other recreational drug. Between 1999 and 05 - 157 college students died from alcohol poisoning. To blame Absinthe, to pull it from shelves, to ban it - is nothing more than a witch hunt. It's socially and morally irresponsible. msnbc
  5. I've been lucky with all my past orders with LDF, my orders usually arrive within three days and once or twice even second day. I put in an order for two bottles of La Coquette which shipped out on the 26th. Tracking info hasn't changed and still the package at the International hub. I've sent an e-mail off to LDF using the web form and one directly to Ian as well as one to Parcel Force but haven't heard back yet. Has anyone else experienced delays in shipping?
  6. The meager investment of $1.29 for a black medium point sharpie has made me countless thousands of dollars. Now every single bottle of Absinthe I own is Pre - Ban. Some dating as far back as the 1500's...imagine what that's worth. I didn't even know they made Absinthe back then
  7. There's one review posted by Peridot, not very flattering. But still I think I might give it a try.
  8. Just read an email from DUNY,a new Absinthe has been added to their line-up Pernod aux Plantes d'Absinthe Superieure. Any reviews? Comments?
  9. For more slaps in the face than any music video in history click here... Oh and drinking Sazeracs, listening to Johnny Lang - "Lie to me"
  10. I got it. You know I think I was hoping someone would say jump on this, hold out for a taste of that, avoid this. Oxy and Luc have really fine reputations and I wouldn't think twice about trusting them. The other vendors out there I don't know of. But I'm fine with either of those two guys. That said I really appreciate the responses, now I just have to chip my tooth on a bullet - but it'll be a happy tooth.
  11. Recommendations on what? If you're looking for recommendations on how to proceed with buying a sample, just look around. There already exists a wealth of information on the subject. No, I'm not looking for reccomendations on how to proceed. I know how to proceed and who some of the reliable vendors are.
  12. So very true. These things..cars, clothes have never interested me much. We've all lived in a culture that for to long has encouraged people to define themselves by these things and that's unfortunate to say the least. I collect art and have for many years but it's never been for any other reason that I've fallen in love with a particular piece. And I can't imagine any other reason. I may have given the impression that buying some pre-ban was somehow not worth it. But that really wasn't my intention. I think it is worth it - for the experience of coming just that close to stepping back in time. I think it would also bring my appreciation of Absinthe to a much deeper and more meaningful level. I would like to know any recommendations people have though - prior to taking the plunge.