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  1. I had to add additional fragrance to them as you can't put enough alcohol in them to make them have an aroma from alcohol alone. (it won't "set" with anything more than 4 drops per ounce of soap). Dont' be afraid to use it though if it feels too soft, put it out in a dry spot for a day or two to set further then use away! I can always make you more and if you want a harder version, I will do that for you no charge until you're perfectly happy with it.
  2. Okay, who got theirs? Who loves it? Who hates smelling like a debaucherous drunken? Feedback, give it to me!
  3. Thank you so much!!!!! Yeah, the only people who don't like boobies are nazis and um, communists.
  4. Someone going by the name of Manifold donate some money? They have a donation they can't figure out who it is supposed to be credited to. Could that be someone on this board?
  5. I think that is same reply everyone has about their wedding so take heart. Adam said he had a great time.
  6. Thank you! I added a smaller bar of the olive in there too as a thanks.
  7. Dork! I'll be sure to let the ladies know how helpful you are. Just added another absinthe soap!
  8. Ack! Missed your birthday. And how was the wedding btw?
  9. Oh thank you! Wow, you really are a nice group! Not that I heard otherwise mind you, but wow, thank you everyone!
  10. Agreed thank you! If anyone else wants to drop a dollar or two towards the cause, the paypal information is info@bustedfoundation.org and it's tax deductable for you in the states as it is a 501 ( c ) 3 charitable organization. A tax write off, and you're supporting boobs! Wow that sounds wrong
  11. Alright kids, haven't posted since my introduction and well accomplished Absinthe themed birthday party. BUT... you all gave me a grand idea that I've been making for months now only as gifts for friends however I've been asked to bowl for team Nipolean Boobaparte to raise money for the Busted Foundation. A non-profit that assists local women going through breast cancer with the costs associated that are not covered by medical bills. Things like rent, electricity and food. Most patients can't work while going through chemotherapy. Help me raise the $1500 goal I have for myself to help these women. Please buy an Absinthe soap! Lather up some boobies! Absinthe Soap: I'm the only person I googled who makes Absinthe soap with real Absinthe. It is made with either Kübler or Lucid (you can choose) and has an opalescent green tint to the Shea Butter base. The fragrance is great layered underneath other scents or stand alone. Comes wrapped in custom Absinthe label. No animal products used. Can be made with goat's milk upon request. Large oval bar: $8 each Smaller embellished bar: $6 each La Fae Verte: This Absinthe Soap has an olive oil base and has two sugar cubes embedded in it! No, not Bjork, real sugarcubes. It took awhile to get the perfect temperature so the sugar wouldn't carmelize in the mix, but I did it, and couldn't be happier. These are so pretty and look good enough to drink. Large shower sized standard bar: $8 Square Chunk bar: $6 Please add $1 if you would like actual wormwood embedded in any of these soaps. Shipping: $4 for the first bar in the United States, $2 for every bar after that. Shipping outside of the US is $8 for the first bar and $4 for every bar after that. I will bulk discount once I know actual ship weights and will gladly refund overpayment on shipping fees. Please allow one week for shipping as some soaps will be created upon request. Paypal donna@gothicsupermodel.com to purchase. Please include which soap, size and shipping address. And if you would like to simply bring lunch from home one day and give ME your lunch money, then here's the donation information! Paypal or mail-in donation information here Please put me down as the person you are donating on behalf of so I can make my goal! Thank you! Other combinations and flavors are at http://donnaricci.livejournal.com/ Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Still recovering as it was a huge affair and not alot of sleep has been caught up on so here is someone else's take on the evening... A Gothic Temptress and The Green Fairy: speaking of really fun theme parties, after the Tea Party we went to a party celebrating a wonderful woman and a slightly more adult beverage: Donna and Absinthe, respectively. Absinthe is also known as "The Green Fairy", was illegal in the US for almost 100 years (prohibition recently ended) and is reputed to have hallucinogenic qualities. It was, as Ryan told me it would be, not the tastiest beverage I've ever had. But it wasn't bad, and it relaxed me enough that I had a particularly good time and got to spend time talking with some really cool people I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Karen had spent the week making her costume for the evening: a gorgeous Victorian dress. She really outdid herself. She loves playing dress-up and had a great time. Our hostess, one of my favorite people (Donna)Our host, another of my favorite people (Joshua) The Absinthe table complete with special fountain (far left, looks like an unlit lantern) for ceremoniously preparing the magic elixir Eliza did sketches of the guests all evening - what a talented lady, and what a wonderful idea! Everyone just loved it and she made some really beautiful portraits. Here's Karen in her gorgeous dress.
  13. Lovely evening on the playlist was rasputina, tin hat trio, sugarcubes, portishead, massive attack, delirium, medeaval baebes and rose mortem on the table were the 4 absinthes mentioned before plus a locally distilled and well received private label thanks to someone on this board who asked to remain nameless (thank you!) in the air were bubbles, projections, the smell of absinthe thanks to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and soaps with annise on plates were vanilla cookies, chocolate cakes, bananas, strawberries, grapes, cheeses, crackers, cheesecake and pound cake corsets were abound (and then unbound) with skirts, walking jackets, ties, boots, goggles, vests, ascots and pocket watches photos to follow, must be off to dream once again. Recovery is near thank you again to all who educated, assisted, gave great advice and support (oh, and flaming shots were NOT done. :P)
  14. I shall take many pictures (or ask a sober person to) of the party and post the link for anyone interested!