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  1. Hello OmG_Bill, 

    Since the topic is kinda bugged I'll private answer here:

    I found some stuff about recipes, but nothing I can/want published yet the forum has no impact ūüė쬆¬†

    Have an great day

    1. OMG_Bill


      Have you got a copy of the DeBrevins book or Duplais? 

      If not, send me your email address and I'll send them to you.

      I believe the dates are 1893 and 1877. 

      Sound interesting?


      I may be able to put them right here for you. May?!?!

  2. It's been years that I didn't posted here, I'm interested in vintage absinthe recipes or distillation protocols distilleries blueprint of the famous brand -Edouard Pernod -Pernod fils - pernod sa tarragona -Legler pernod -gemp pernod -jules Pernod -Parrots fils -Déchanet -vichet -Able bresson -Cusenier -Languetins - Junod -Dornier Tuller -CF Berger / C berger -Premier fils Ken Desloges facebook / linkedin ( I speak french and english)
  3. old lucid found in an ABC store in NC ... Quite nice
  4. Indeed ... Mostly are absinthe lover that catch the" disease " I hope that you enjoy the schematics
  5. How they work in french ! and the schematics https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7oi091l7qfu2vx/1926%20egrot%20document.pdf?dl=0
  6. it's been 11 years since Pernod 200 years Book was released Any discovery about tarragona ... Pre-Ban era is now pretty well covered now post ban
  7. or with hard tennessee accent " right over here "
  8. . Everything is over there enjoy ! http://www.museeabsinthe.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=3280&view=findpost&p=85039
  9. Update: I'm supposed to get the whole thing tomorow
  10. I posted this original article few years ago . I didn't catch up to the word "mère" ... It's interesting to see that all cask were linked I'm really eager to see what was the protocols to make it . If they kept the tails ,put the used coloring herbs or no in the still ... some question got answers years later sometimes ...
  11. Found today on google books : Citation Le Pernod était roi, roi d'une autorité universellement reconnue. Il convient de signaler que la maison avait un procédé à elle pour bonifier son produit. Après la distillation, au sortir des alambics, l'absinthe passait dans des foudres immenses disposés en série, en batterie, communiquant entre eux, mais ne pouvant jamais être vidés qu'aux deux tiers De cette manière, il restait toujours au fond de chacun d'eux une sorte de solution-mère, qui agissait sur la jeune liqueur pour la vieillir. Chaque bouteille, dit-on, laissait à la maison un bénéfice net de 35 centimes; joli denier si l'on se représente que la production quotidienne était de trente mille bouteilles. Complètement détruite par le feu en 1903, la distillerie avait été entièrement reconstruite; ce qui lui valait d'avoir un matériel des plus modernes In english: ( rough translation) The pernod was the king, king of an recongnised authority.The maison pernod had an process to get her product better, after distillation,at the end of the alambics, absinthe pass thru gigantic cask dispose in serial ,in batterie ,connecting to each other , but they cannot be emptied to the 2/3 In this way there was always a kind of mother-solution that acted on the young liquor to age it .Each bottle ,leave to the house an net profit of 35 centimes;Nice worth if we think that the daily production was 30000 bottle .Completely destroyed by the fire in 1903, the distillerie was entierely rebuilt with fine edge of technologie material . I asked to get this full chapter to be continued ...
  12. Hello , I'm looking to find an original Dubied label like this one : any spare for sale ?
  13. Hi Everybody, It's been age since I posted here , I plan to make an order on absinthes.com so I would like to know your advice on best product , (I'm really aware of the jade line ( I already planned to Order an bottle of Edouard) Is there new product that I'm not aware of ?
  14. or L'ancienne ? (it's been age that I post here ) BTW I ordered 3 if it does like other jade first release I'll be able to get 300$ /bottle in few years
  15. If you are from the us you should try the delaware phoenix absinthe they are really good also