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  1. Welcome Jillian, From one newbie to another...I've just started out with the Kübler and am looking forward to trying the Lucid this weekend. enjoy!
  2. Nothin' like a trip to the big city, ya know...and Lambeau Field is better than Disneyland ayee'
  3. Hi to everyone..what a facinating group of actors, muscians, poets and imbibers...I end up going off into another direction with all the links, backgrounds and interests of everyone. Today was Bengal cats and some serious metal bands I've never heard of. By the way...the Kübler was awsome! Hopefully, my loan money from China gets here soon so I can pick up a second bottle (not sure what that will be yet). kc ...here's a couple of pictures my nephew sent me of his first taste of Absinthe/Abinsth or what it may be called in this case.
  4. Thats Lola...as whatever Lola wants...shes a Cornish Rex. She inspires lots of responses...a little 5lb mouser. We have her and her brother, they turn 9 this week. And yes a Blackstone Merlot, was very tasty with the pasta last night.
  5. Well I cracked open the Kübler 53 last night. Dinner was Rotolo Primavera with a bottle of Merlot. Picked up a half dozon chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and poured my first... no body pats lost...no hallucinations...no murders (except during Michael Clayton)...guess I'll have to drink lots more next time.
  6. Kiitos Brooks....and everyone else! Going to a Beer 101 class tonight...'cause there's free beer!
  7. I bought my first bottle of Absinthe over the weekend (Kübler 53) and in searching for a proper way to mix up my first glass I stumbled here. What a great site you have all created by the way. I have been curious to try Absinthe for years, being an admirier of the Impressionists and they're inspirations provided by the green muse. Now after reading a bit here and to find they were probably just a bunch of talented, broke, depressed artists....I need a drink!
  8. Hello from Hillside, Illinois....I love this site, I haven't done any work all week! I bought a bottle of Kübler 53 last Sat. and was looking for the best way to prepare it and stumbled here. Will break it open Sat., light a good cigar and enjoy.