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  1. Here is my lastest version of a map with all absinthe distilleries. Works with google earth in a browser. Its fun to me to map them all, but useful for anyone I think. Absinthe Distillers Map
  2. Hi there, I would like to annouce that there are 5 bottles of Helfrich Verte left in my stock, and no further supply available. Helfrich Blanche is already sold out. Greetings, J. http://www.1a-absinthe.com/advanced_search...ywords=helfrich
  3. Thanks! Its just a POD and a 20W transistor peavy amp. But the strat has a great sound (clapton custom 50s vintage strat), primarely when played with nothing more than a tube amp. But the bendings are hard with no trem bar. Here is another one, struggling with intonation: comfortably numb pink floyd I read it from the screen while playing, thx to guitar pro
  4. Hi there, here is one from me too. time pink floyd Have not played the song with a band but loved it very much in my old days
  5. That exactly matches my experiences. DHL does not work as it seems, but others services that to not use canadian post should be possible I think. I will have to figure out which one.
  6. Hi experts, would anyone like to be so kind to give me information about the legal status of absinthe in Canada right now? Some years ago, every order was stopped by customs. It seems it was also depending on the thujone (aargh I am afraid of mentioning the word here) contents and the interdiction of strong alcohol transportation by canadian post. Does anybody know how to make a save delivery to Canada? Does DHL work? Thanks a lot.
  7. I will try it next week, see if it is the one that the absinthe bible rates 97 of 100 points. absinthe bible
  8. That matches my price, it's the normal DHL fee.
  9. Here they are, the first bottles of the new Eichelberger 78 verte.
  10. I will have the first 6 bottles of their new 78 verte on Friday, guys from a german board who tried it a few days ago in Taxöldern are very excited about it. It seems it is really good.
  11. Hi there, for those interested in geographics, you can find a google earth fly-over of every distilleries hometown on my website, and searchable google maps. I think thats a real cool feature. It is a great experience to fly over the val-de-travers. Just click the google button below the word "Origin:" When you click into the video frame, you can go to the youtube page and have a high-resolution view as well (it does not work embedded in hires yet).
  12. Where the hell do you read me saying absinthe makes hallucinations? That is not what the website says. Quote me that sentence that definitely says: "Absinthe will make you hallucinate". That is your interpretation because you want to read this out of the text. And why don't you come along with the truth about your business intentions - it is all about washing absinthe clear so that you can start making big money - thats the truth. You are looking for the big deal, and I can put a spoke in your wheel when I will not confess absinthe is absolutely harmless.
  13. So what's the point? I should delete menue point 10 and all is good? Is that all? It is so ironic that "you" - you means the people writing here, I know my posts are sketchy but I can not spend much time here with talking - that you talk about nothing else but thujone. 3 pages of thujone talk, nothing else after all. Thats really disappointing. I do not love absinthe, thats true. I did not know that you have to be in love to a product you sell. I think there are other things in the world that need much more attention than absinthe. I do not spend all my time on absinthe talks, there is much more that interests me. So this is a deal breaker? The dealer has to be devoted to the product? Imagine, becoming an absinthe adept is quite expensive. I am not in that position that I can try a Jade here, a Segarra there. I guess my sense of taste is also not outstanding. So I have no right to sell absinthe? After all I experience here, it is a place of ideology and intolerance, and talk nothing but thujone.
  14. There is no search by thujone level, it is just divided into bitter spirits and non bitters. Please do not critizise me with untrue suppositions. And as long as people ask me about bitter or not, I will give them the info for many reasons, as I explained before several times. And absinthe drinking is about joy and fun and not a matter of science for the majority of pleople, so please allow them a bit of myth and legend. It is the same as having a new girlfriend. Do you want to see her all nude from the beginning with spotlight on weaker parts or would you like to use your imagination and discover things in twilight? Same with absinthe, people WANT some mystery about it, it is part of the whole thing. Not for you, but you are a small minority of experts, and not a target group for sellers. You have your fun in analyzing and criticizing, the majority has no scientific ambitions and prefer some entertainment factor. This is not to misunderstand as telling them some fairy tales. But you drive it much too far, it is a witch hunt against people who do not share your point.