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    Absinthe, Tattoos, and Pit Bull-type Dogs in general--my Dog in particular. We also like Trebuchets and catapults, dwarf tossing, secret societies, mind control, mojo bones, hoodoo curses, shrunken heads, pickled punks, Igor Stravinsky, Beethoven, Claude Debussy, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, and German Expressionist Cinema from the 20s. I have absolutely no interest in anything else.
  1. buddhasynth

    Best tool for dripping?

    practice makes perfect as well. I made a fountain awhile back but now only break it out if there's several people over, which doesn't happen too often. then I was a brouille guy for awhile. Then we got the water filter that allows me to drip directly into the glass.Now, on a good day I can get a nice fine stream from a straight-up mason jar full of ice water. but it didn't happen overnight...............
  2. buddhasynth

    Absinthe Vincent and Amnisia: 2 Ukraine brands

    hey now...*fingerwag*
  3. buddhasynth

    Zufanek's "Mead Base"

    that sounds like a good time indeed. I'm almost halfway through a bottle of the Mead Base, courtesy of a client who was in Prague a month ago. Pretty simple stuff, definitely a prominent base aroma when neat. I'd gladly buy another one of my own volition, probably next year when I do the L'Ancienne thing again.
  4. buddhasynth

    Volume 4?

    I might be able to throw down for artwork as well. And perhaps a bit more...
  5. buddhasynth

    RZPR prototype verte

    had a very little bit last night and really liked it. Too small an amount to give a "real" review but yeah. Somewhere between L'ancienne and La Grenouille, a very nice place to be. Can't wait to go broke on this one...
  6. buddhasynth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Ridge Blanche, and now L'Ancienne.
  7. the other night saw The Wicker Man remake. Oy Vey. Truly awful. Utter failure on so many fronts; I had to watch the 1980 Flash Gordon afterward to wipe the taste out of my mind. The Pacifique, however, was as nice as ever.
  8. buddhasynth

    Your Top Ten Commercial Absinthes

    ok, what the heck. In no particular order.... L'Ancienne Mol (freshly bottled, anyway; the part I like ages out in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks after opening) Ridge Verte La Grenoille Perroquet Pacifique Blues Cat Walton Waters the newer Marteau and just for laughs I'll put Jade PF 1901 even though I haven't actually tasted it for a couple of years, but what the heck.
  9. buddhasynth

    Jade PF 1901

  10. buddhasynth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    L'Ancienne--finishing the bottle. *snif*
  11. buddhasynth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    It certainly was, Mister Facilitator!
  12. buddhasynth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    okay. So, when we last saw our heroes they were pouring out a fresh glarse of VS 1898 circa 2012, followed by the same brand circa 2005. Definitely aging into a rounder fuller powderier thing it is. We then take the plunge and sample a glarse of CF Berger 1910. well now. This is something wonderful indeed! After a somewhat lengthy recovery period we finally pull out the Dubeid/Duval 1895. A fine treat for the nose, mouth and mind we find it to be, Precious. Deep, dark, and rich. As a final course we have a taste of the PF 1914 "green". A familiar taste it is now, and what a fine familiar friend it is. Now that the dust has settled, we are finishing up a glarse of L'Ancienne to help ease our descent to Earth and smooth out the bumps of re-entry. Today has been day of great favor from the Booze Gods. May we all be blessed with many more in perpetuity!
  13. buddhasynth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    So far, we have had Blues Cat, L'Ancienne,and Rubis. We now embark upon a voyage back in time that starts with Jade 1898 VS. More as the situation develops further.
  14. buddhasynth

    Happy Birthday Miguel!

    more than a day late and several dollars short, happy boifday!