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  1. Brooks: I wouldn't tempt Hiram with the wax lips. The result may not be nearly as demure and coquettish as you may be hoping for. John
  2. Momma, momma. . . . make the scary lady go away! John
  3. With the price of decent absinthe (and the outrageous cost for importing it) being what it is, you may find that the cheapest way to bring the green fairy to your party would be to simply invite someone like Rip Taylor and just buy him a pair of green tights. John
  4. I don't mind a little attitude. In small doses it can be damn funny. It's when it disintegrates into that holier than thou how-dare-you-ask-that-of-the-grand-poobah-of-absinthe nonsense that I've just gotta bail. It's a breath of fresh air that this place seems to be a stark contrast. John
  5. Why don't they hang a sign on the door over there that says: "CAUTION YOU UNWORTHY LITTLE WORM--IF YOU'RE NOT PART OF OUR CLIQUE AND REFUSE TO DO PROSTRATIONS AT OUR FEET WE WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE IN HERE A LIVING, BREATHING HELL" ??? Someone needs to notify their Chamber of Commerce. . . John
  6. Seriously though, man. 80% of the people in that 'other' place seem to be in a dire need of a strong laxative, preferably mainlined. What is UP with that?
  7. Thanks, Hiram. It's refreshing to see how friendly people are in here. John
  8. The Apples of New York. Great old book! Thanks for the welcome, everybody.
  9. Love the name. If I ever have the good fortune to be able to name a new juicy pear cultivar, Slobberchops would win hands down. John
  10. Thanks to everyone for the incredibly warm welcome. It's much appreciated. John
  11. Another Mainuh! That's very kewl, as the cool kids say. John
  12. I love medlars.. . .The only problem is I've been unable to find a domestic source. The only source I've found that ships to the US is a company in France. Shipping cost me more than the product. That's wonderful that you love medlars. I think most people unaccustomed to them are quite put off by the fact that you need to let them practically rot before they're at their peak. I've yet to eat one myself, but I find them utterly fascinating. I'm grafting all of the medlar trees going into the orchard this very week So needless to say, it'll be a few years before I've got any fruit to share. The plan though is to end up with 144 mature trees. I think having 'a gross of medlars' would be most appropriate. Regarding sources, the place I'd suggest contacting is an orchard in S. Vermont known as Scott Farm. They planted 30 medlars a number of years ago and I believe the majority of people who buy the fruit are either folks who've immigrated from the Middle East or the people who run the farmers markets in NYC. I believe Scott Farm sells out every year though. The number for the place is 802-254-6868 and the guy who runs it is named Zeke. Here's a wonderful article on medlars which also references Scott Farm: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/03/dining/03MEDL.html I have a feeling David Karp isn't winning any friends in the absinthe community with the first line of the article, either. Let me know if you're able to get them. John