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  1. It was the worst variety of corporation too. We learn from our paths though. But I never said I was alright. After all, I drink absinthe, smoke cigars, ride motorcycles, drive even more dangerous cars. I guess I'm still alive!!
  2. Now that's condescending. You don't know me Hiram, so you can only think your own thoughts. I am married, and my ring never leaves my finger. I am not such an ass as to believe however that everything I do is the right way, and everyone else is wrong. You could learn from that. I'm sure you've been told before, but your memory is probably fading, so I'll offer a tiny bit of good advise. Wisdom is the ability to listen and learn. the moment you think you know it all, is when you are truely dumbest. Save your perverted thoughts for your friends and family Hiram. I'm helpful to everyone around me, and I have more honour than any internet bully. Maybe you should take a cold shower, and a look in the mirror... Incidentally, condescending to the both of us. You described exactly how deeply you think of Donna, a member of your community. And of me, a person you don't even know. You are elitest, and that's sad
  3. today has been a warm day, I think tonight is a good night for a CaboWabo Margarita... Hope Ernie's has them!!
  4. Wow, you guys are much fancier than I am. Or maybe just have such capatious cabinets, and stores of fundage I haven't imagined. Once I let a couple beers age for a year before giving them to my Dad as a gift! They were the 070707 Verticle Epic. They aged one year and then dot sent and drunked.
  5. I was gonna say, it doesn't sound like you do like drinking them! The only way I'd have an open bottle around for a year is.... Well, no, I wouldn't. I wouldn't have a closed bottle closed for more than a few days. Then a service life of maybe a month, max. I need to get that 1L swiss absinthe so I've something cheaper to drink. Spose I've had some wines sitting around for a year. But I don't know that I'll ever open them. At some point I'll need a wine cellar. It's THE gift these days. I'd rather beer or Drambui
  6. Last night I made "death in the afternoon" with this. I used Korbel Natural. Wasn't sweet enough. Should use something akin to sparkling wine, sweet, dessertish. It tasted good nonetheless
  7. all I have to say to that is dayam!! Kitty has claws!! and a corsett.
  8. Edit: I started a long rebuttal, but this isn't the place. Hiram you've been PM'd. I'll happily discuss our differences in "perception" elsewhere. I'd rhater not be preached to in a welcome to the board thread. Donna, my offer still stands. I'll even show you exactly how to 'safely' light a fire and wait for it to go out. If you prefer not to waste the czechsinthe, I can show you with some 70% isoproyl. Just as easy, just as nonexplosive.
  9. Greetings to another veteran! Sorftware engineering in MN is definately better than doing it in L.A....
  10. For a background, while I'm a retiree, I'm not old. I've been a soldier/weapons expert/firefighter, a corporate crony, a ranch hand, and now a bohemian. Though the day will come when I'm neck deep in work again, I quite ophthalmology to work on a degree in medicine. To go from professional warrior to professional healer, is a trip, lemme tell you.
  11. Hirum, she mentioned that she's still going to do the burn. I told her the exact way that I did it every time I did it. Including the drinking neat. It isn't really absinthe anyways. Please calm down... On a cook/chem note. That proof changes drastically when you allow it to burn down. Obviously. And if you are using a small drink in a proper glass, (although I've done this is a thin votive glass) the ony way you'd burn yourself is if you decided to drink it while it was still on fire. Not advisable. While I'm no czech marketing guru... what with me being French and all, I think people should probably be allowed to do as they like, that's sort of why I like absinthe in the first place. I hope I've not offended, but I'd rather not be flamed either (forgive the pun) as I was under the impression there are other boards for that. But to clarify if you prefer, I was not offering a new idea, only a functional way of doing something the yound lady already planned on doing. It does work, and alcohol is blessedly not explosive in liquid form, so as long as the burn is done in an enclosed environment (ie. the glass) there isn't any real danger there. Donna, if you prefer, I can show you thins with a shot glass, when/if you decide to try the absinthes I have on hand. I don't want you to think I'm 'blowing smoke'
  12. if you really wanna loosen that palet up, you could always drink goat piss. If you can drink goat piss, you can drink anything!
  13. Nobodys told him, but when he's not home, his friends fart in the bottle and seal it again. Did that once wit a Gatorade and left it in the fridge for a buddy who always helped himself without asking.... That.... Was a funny day!
  14. Well if you have the time, you can sample St. George's, Lucid, and tourment verte. I may even have a bottle of Kübler in time! Unless it's realy soon. I'm at the 2 and the 134, so we could shoot over to Spitz after and taste tahini. They have rockin sandwiches too! Lemme know As for the burn. This is the safe/fun/easy way. Spoon with sugar cube. slowly pour czechsinthe over cube into empty glass. When done, close bottle place aside. Light sugar cube on fire. it may or may not drip and catch czechsinthe. really doesn't matter. Let it burn down of out. Don't bother adding water, it probably won't louche anyhow, and that's not the point of czechsinthe really is it?
  15. Donna, if you want to sample a couple others before your party lemme know. I'm in GDale, your party sounds rather of the SilverLake variety. But during the week I'm pretty easy to reach and you may want to sample whats legal here before you buy. That said, at an absinthe party, you'd do well to get as much as you can afford. I wouldn't turn my nose up to any you can get in the states if only because we are limited now. You only further limit yourself by believing off the mark that they aren't worth their salt. And remember, an absinthe hated by others may be your favorite. I really like my burning czechsinthe when it was around. May not have been real, but it was real fun.