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  1. Good point, I dont know why I didnt think of that when I saw it
  2. Cool, thanks again, I wasnt aware OPICI distributed those products too.
  3. If this was posted before I appologize, I did search: I was browsing the web and came across this: https://www.ttbonline.gov/colasonline/viewC...=09149001000093 Is this Montmartre for the U.S. market with a new name or a new product with a reused label? There seem to be many similarities between the two, both are 65%, both apparently come from an old recipe(Mephisto claims from 1909, Montmartre no date really specified from what I can find, just "old" Luscious Oily Lesbians!), both colored naturally, although the label that is approved contradicts itself, on the front is states colored by Wormwood Pontica and on the back it states....."with artificial colors added". In short I hope this is Montmartre for the U.S. market as I have been wanting to try for some time now but never got around to ordering a bottle.
  4. The three worst absinthes I have tried are: 1. Grande Absente- an absolute mess 2. Pernod- scent and taste reminds me much of Absente. 3. Bainsfathers Bitter Absinth- Nothing much here, to me tastes very light, a slow drip from a fountain really helps this one, has a semi-louche actually but not much flavor at all.
  5. Im sure this will be pushed heavily in my area just like Absente and Grande Absente :( since Crillion Importers is based here and the two other products are just about everywhere here unfortunatly. I should tell the owner to get some real shit here, hell I should have done it earlier since I know his son....
  6. At most of the liquor stores in town here they carry the basics, Lucid and Kübler. Obviously they gotta carry some crap too, Absente, Pernod, and Grande Absente, LTV, after having a conversation about absinthe with the owner of a mom and pop store here, I put the bug in his ear to try to get some good stuff in like Obsello, Duplais, Jade NO are some names I dropped I have high hopes he will listen, considering he sells out of his stock rather quick, even the crap products....
  7. Thank you everyone for their responses. A quick question about the Balance is it a wine base like the Blanche, I cant seem to find if it is or isnt, unless I just miss it. The Blanche isnt a must have for me, just wanted to try something different, I havnt tried too many blanches. Thats interesting about the Brevans not ageing well, the bottle being only a half liter, it probably wouldnt last long around here anyway
  8. Hi, its been a while since I posted but, I would like an opinion of those that have tried both the Brevans and Duplais Balance (if Im that lucky that someone has tried both...). Anyway I plan to make a purchase rather soon and am having a hard time choosing between the two to finish my purchase, the others being Belle Amie(spelling?) and Duplais Blanche. I tend to prefer wormwood up front which according to some reviews I have read the Brevans has more of a wormwood profile, but the Balance seems well balanced in flavor which I also enjoy, hmmmm, choices, choices. Any help or insite would be greatly appreciated, please dont flame me too bad on this.
  9. I thought we already had Libertine available in the U.S. though?? DUNY used to carry it I believe. Edit: yes we already have the non amer Libertine here.
  10. 'Don't know. I got it here. http://www.drinkupny.com/Duplais_p/s0684.htm The store where I got my Lucid from had a gift pack, with a glass, and spoon. I forget the brand, but it was NEON green, and it said Liqeuer on the bottle. I passed on that stuff. I'll have to comb some other shops around town to see what's doin'. 1. I think the only thing that changed was the alcohol content from 72% to 68%. 2. That gift pack is that garbage Grande Absente.
  11. Approved for USA: Koruna Super Premium Bohemian Absinth Has a pile of wormwood on the bottom of bottle like that other crap King of Spirts: Koruna
  12. +2 So I can actually get their stuff shipped to Florida