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  1. I just think any "effects" shouldn't be talked about. Rational, responsible adults who enjoy fine spirits don't sit around talking about which fine spirit get's them more drunk. Although many, including myself, enjoy inibriation from time to time, it would never enter my mind to talk about any "effect" of any alcohol. Taste is paramount. If you mention "effect" you're trying to capitalize on ignorance and unethical marketing. Nobody says "hey you have to try that new Chivas Regal 18 yr because if you drink enough of it it really gets you drunk, like more drunk than beer or a chocolate chip cookie!". Mentioning "effect" is essentially direct proof that you're trying to appeal to frat boys. Same thing with any contrived huffing ritual or lighting a shot on fire. Either your into absinthe because it is a fine spirit to be respected along side any great single malt scotch, or your into absinthe because you want to make a buck and don't give a crap about anything but how many hits your website gets. I was a naive idiot too once, and thought I would find the mystical absinthe that made you trip. Then I grew up and became an adult.
  2. I guess this stuff is for the "I don't like anise and just want to do shots to impress girls with low standards with something that is just called absinthe but has nothing at all to do with absinthe" people.
  3. Do they ever write the sox off? I mean, the Nationals of course, but don't people always consider the sox a contender?
  4. I don't know Peridot, that could be fun... just swill more! Oh, by the way, I snuck a glass of Doubs. I must say, sugar really makes this absinthe shine, for me.
  5. I rarely get to enjoy a glass or two during the day. So I'm finishing off my bottle of VP, watching the Yankees. And now I get to decide which bottle to open next; Pacifique, WW, MoL, or VC. Who doesn't wish they had that decision to make
  6. Thanks Retro, I might give it a try. How many volumes is it?
  7. Is LOEG a decent comic series? I've been trying for years to get into one, but just can't seem to find one.
  8. Nothing like being holed up in a bunker during a nuclear zombie holocaust with lots of absinthe!!!
  9. I'm probably going to buy like 4 bottles of Essai 4 just so I'll have all the blanche I'll ever need!!!
  10. Now if we can just get Paula Dean to do a show on absinthe!!!
  11. Nope. That's why I said "personally". I was just trying to express my intense happiness. I didn't mean to start a controversy Anyway, I'm leaving for Jersey for the weekend, so I'll catch everyone next week. Drink up!!!
  12. Let me clarify. This is the first time I, personally, have seen absinthe in something mainstream, and presented with respect, and truth. That's what I meant, I just didn't say it...
  13. For the first time since becoming a true absinthuer, I really feel as though absinthe has finally gotten it's fair shot and rebirth. The subtle way Brian and the others denounced popular misconceptions was very fun to read, and they couldn't have picked any better brands to feature. I'd love to see, in the coming weeks, how many people go out and buy absinthe for the first time due to this magazine. I wish we could track it. Perhaps distillers and distributes could provide an account of sales, to see if there is a jump.
  14. I just got my issue--first of my subscription--of Mutineer magazine. As soon as I saw the cover I flipped out. Already a classy representation of absinthe, I was eager to see how they would handle our favorite beverage. I flipped to the feature, and was totally blown away by the level of integrity and skill of all the articles. I'm so pleased by this. I think we may have won our first battle folks. I urge everyone to go out and either buy a copy, or get a subscription, if just to reflect the due gratitude the folks at Mutineer deserve for paving the way forward for absinthe here in America!!! Also, huge props to Brian and Gstone. You hit all your articles out of the ballpark!
  15. Once I have funds I'm buy another two bottles or so. I'm even more encouraged to pony up the cash for Clandestine now. I was really shocked. It's making me seriously question whether to order from DUNY or LDF next time around!
  16. Finally cracked open my bottle and--I'm certain I've never used the following expression in my life--it completely blew my socks off! This is one of the most fantastic things I've ever placed in my mouth. It's so good that I don't even feel strange saying that sentence... It looks like a glass of the whitest milk I've ever seen. And the taste is something I'm simply too inadequate to describe. This easily makes up for the unfortunate Kübler I imagined all blanches must relate to in some way. Well this is from another dimension. Better than almost all the vertes I've tried--Jades included! My only complaint is that it dribbles down the side of the bottle really bad when I pour it. Losing even an infinitesimally small amount of this stuff is a travesty! I put up a review, so tell me what you think.
  17. I hate to get so rude so early in this thread, but I can't hold it in. The answers you gave to my questions show that you are not at all serious about absinthe, and all you care about is getting your face/name noticed at the expense of absinthe. You're foray into absinthe is an abomination of ethical dissemination of inforomation. I have no doubt you take none of your time here seriously. I'm done responding to anything you say.
  18. My brain does hurt after reading most of them
  19. I'd love to see a list of the top 25 most active members!
  20. If someone offered you a gig hosting an absinthe information party would you show people the "fire ritual", as well as the "huffing ritual"? Do you recognize the influence you wield over potential absinthe drinkers, and if so, do you feel any responsibility for disseminating absinthe fiction over absinthe fact? Will you give a positive review to any absinthe brand that pays you to do so?
  21. Very interesting. I guess I underestimated our reach. It's actually quite encouraging. Perhaps all these recent "infiltrations" have been a direct result of those folks noticing people no longer as eager to swallow their snake oil!
  22. Probably a good idea. I'd even go so far as to kill any posts that deviate from the discussion in the new thread! Let's get something done!