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  1. Maybe they got so thick because of the intense intoxication it no doubt brought about in the customers. This would have lead to lots of dropped, thrown, or tipped over glasses, which in turn would be a problem and a huge cost to the cafe owners? Just speculating...
  2. Well I went to the store today and picked up a 2-3 quart infusion jar with a plastic spigot. This is exactly what i wanted, and it was only $15. I saw the same thing on a few websites for minimum $20 +shipping, so i consider this a great find for me. After some time passes I'll be purchasing a nice chrome spigot for better control. And a wooden stand to. And my glass came today!!! So all i need now is for my spoon and sugar to come, but the most important components--in my noobish experience--are in my possession. Just have to pick up my bottle of Lucid either tomorrow or Friday and I'll be well on my way! Once I have that, I'll make a new thread in the general forum with a review of my first absinthe experience! I'm giddy with anticipation...
  3. Thanks for clearing all that up. Most apreciated!
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but I have two questions about pre-ban absinthe. First, I've heard a few here mention that pre-ban had less wormwood than newer absinthes. So basically, the product that brought about the ban--or more aptly, "inspired" it--had less thujone than absinthe produced today? And second, how much actually is a bottle of pre-ban? I apologize if that's considered a personal question, which for some reason I believe it will turn out to be. Just full of questions...
  5. I forgot capitalization is deemed important. I'll do my best to remember in the future!
  6. If you like the absinthes sold here, you'll want to broaden your horizons with a couple of European absinthes. There are some great ones. (If only the dollar weren't so weak!) yeah, i've found a few good sites for a few good absinthes, but the dollar is so worthless it's very hard to justify spending nearly, if not over $100. i presume some better European absinthes will make their way over as absinthe begins to proliferate in the states... i hope...
  7. A lot of us are in the no-sugar camp. Have a feeling you'll be one of us. seems so. i like things basic, so whether i like sugar or not depends, i presume, on the specific absinthe in question. but hell, if i can savor scotch, i'm sure i can enjoy the characteristics of non-sugared absinthe. well, as far as i know as of yet! as for T73's comment about "new absinthes", the prospect makes me drool already. the idea of such variety is overwhelming, exciting, and enticing. all triggers that i've found something i love even before the first sip. I know it sounds very "noobish", but i can almost tell i'll be in love with the drink. i knew i'd enjoy scotch, and when i found the few i love, i knew i was right. i've been spot on aabout a few other things in my life involving "likes" and "dislikes"... my track record with such predictions is pretty much 100% anyway, i just hope my stuff comes by friday. i refuse to "fake" it. i have no problem jerry-rigging a Brouille (sp?), but i want my official glass!!!
  8. i've only even found Lucid in 1 of 4 stores i've looked in. The only other offering beside the Lucid was Absinte, the fake stuff. Thanks for the tips though, i've picked up on Lucid being supposedly rather sweet from others around here. i may even try no sugar at first. i'm the sort that likes to try things at their most basic before embellishing. i'm sure sugar will be used with other, more bitter ones, but i may just like Lucid with water only. i'll try both when i get it, but no sugar first. thanks again though, always looking for tips and guidance!
  9. For me a great single malt is every bit as awesome as a great absinthe. Welcome i guess that's the catch. I spent too long going between single malts and blended scotchs until i finally realized the only way to go is single malt, at least 18 years old. Macallan 18 was the one that made me realize this. and i do enjoy a glass or two of great scotch from time to time, i just think i'm ready for another sort of "savor-type" drink. especially one so completely different than scotch. either way, i'm excited to get going...
  10. Hey everybody! I'm new to absinthe and these boards, though i've been trolling around for a few weeks on and off to build up my knowledge on the subject. I finally hit the tipping point last weekend, placing and order for a glass, spoon, and some sugar, and will be picking up a bottle of Lucid--the only absinthe i've seen in any liquor store on the island yet--this weekend. I just hope my stuff all comes, or i'll be very testy indeed. I've been interested in absinthe for a while now, for it's historical context, but also more for it's uniquness and personality. What i mean by that is that it isn't just Beer, which i do love, but something that comes with a whole community behind it. The absinthe drinkers around these parts and on this forum seem, as a group, more well educated than on any forum i've been to. Of course, there's the alcohol element, as i do enjoy a good buzz, i found myself wanting something with character all it's own. I've enjoyed scotch, but come to the limit there, as really, in the end, scotch just doesn't taste that good. I do enjoy very good scotch from time to time, but i have sense that absinthe is the "more often" drink for me. I've always loved the taste of anise, and i'm one of those "wierd" guys who has always loved the licourouche flavored candies and such my whole life! I've done my research, soaking in everyone's opinions and such, and have a good cache of sites for future orders of "the good stuff" after i make my innitial foray into this interesting and enticing hobby. Anyway, sorry for blabbering on, but i'm just excited. hopefully my weekend plan will come to fruition and i'll post my first ever experience with absinthe!!!