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  1. I'm one of those who just can't do sugar in my absinthe, but those who do are certainly in luck as sugar is in no short supply.


    I'm just stickin' with the good booze theme. :)

    I usually don't use sugar. Although I've always loved trying new absinthe's with and without just to see what happens. Some--at least for me--come alive with sugar. But for the most part I find my favorites, and the best brands, need nothing but a slow, ice-cold drip!

  2. I can jump on the 'fun evening' wagon. :thumbup:

    Upon perusal of a certain cupboard, found the bottom of a bottle of Pacifique quietly waiting to be noticed.

    Therefore, thusly noticed and to be plundered at will. :biggrin:

    Cheers! I'm louching my first glass right now. Had no recollection of its profile. Instantly surprised at its intense nose after pouring!

  3. Finally got my gifted bottle of Pacifique back from my buddy who just moved. Haven't had Pacifique since I gave it to him right when the stuff first came out. Thing is, I have a bottle in "deep storage" that I never opened, so I still get to keep that in reserve!


    I'm also going to do a bit of the rounds tonight, see what some of my old absinthes are up to, particularly Essai 4, and one of the earliest bottles of Lucid from when it came out!


    Should Be a fun evening!

  4. A good friend of mine whom I live next door to in our Co-op complex, is moving into a new home with his family. He's decided (for whatever misguided reason) to get rid of all his liquor. Naturally I'm the guy he thought of to receive this bounty. Included in the haul is a bottle of Pacifique from back when it first came out, that I gave them as a gift for some celebratory event I can't recall.


    Anyway, I don't take it as an insult that they never finished the bottle, or that I'm getting back a gift I gave, because let's face it... I'm getting a mostly full bottle of Pacifique back!


    So I was wondering, anyone ever get back something they gave as a gift, specifically of the boozy kind?

  5. What's five years between casual online acquaintances? ;) Welcome back. :cheers:

    Thanks! I can't believe it's been 5 years. I actually just read through all 12 (TWELVE!!!) of the reviews I wrote. Boy was that some horrible writing...


    It's so strange thinking how into absinthe I was, as well as how much I loved spending time here. It feels like a life ago, and in many ways, it has been!

  6. I'd say hello again, but nobody could possibly remember me.


    I've been away so long it's actually strange to think about it. In fact, I haven't even enjoyed absinthe for several years. My collection has sat quietly through a move, and into the back of a closet, where it's sat forgotten until recently.


    Actually stopped to look through my collection not too long ago and got the twinge of nostalgia. I'm thinking of seeing what has developed in the world of absinthe since I've been out of the loop, and again, that's a long while.


    What's new in the absinthe world recently. What's everyone's top brand at the moment? What should I consider picking up?


  7. Back when I was getting into absinthe, Lucid was all there was, and I drank plenty of it. It actually got better each bottle I got, perhaps, due to improvements with each batch. I found a bottle for around $60 maybe a year and a half ago, and I decided its going to sit in my cellar for years and years to come. So much to sample now, especially with DP's offerings, and Pacifique and VC, as well as many others... I can easily resist opening the Lucid, so I'm looking forward to sampling it a long time from now.

  8. I've heard nothing but good things about this show, but haven't yet seen it myself. I remember the pilot teaser during the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia season, and I got the sense of a more evolved and polished Harvey Birdman.


    And if they're actually referencing absinthe, in a pontarlier glass, with no fire, I'm going to have to watch it very soon!

  9. From my discussions with Oxy there was only one bottle of blanche found and it was split between me and another forum member. It wasn't very good and it was unlabeled. Almost no taste.


    I'd love to see if we, as a group, can put in to buy this bottle and split it however many times as it takes. Any takers? We shouldn't let this one pass us by!




    I mean, clearly it exists. I just didn't know about it!


    I'd be interested!