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  1. You say was. Does that mean there will be no offerings of it? Did not Peter have help on that one from a certain Texan as well? What should I have for dinner? (scratch the last question)
  2. The extra i was for idiot, who was typing.
  3. No, but it does have a strict no sarcasm policy.
  4. Welcome! I think you'll like it here. You already have the right attitude You mean what's down with it.
  5. I'll drink(and post) to that! Happy Birthday
  6. I'm not sure what is more unnerving--where the topic is going or the massive amount of emoticons being used. BTW I'm only wearing a robe
  7. That, or questions of that nature should be referred to the lounge.
  8. I'll come clean; I don't mind it either.
  9. What is this Boubs that you speak of?
  10. "Until recently, that is. In January 2005, Switzerland legalized the production of absinthe, provided it complied with a government-approved level of 45 percent alcohol (90 proof) and 10 milligrams of thujone per liter. Absinthes with low thujone levels are now sold legally in France, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Japan, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands, " This is the only fault I find with the article(what I was alluding to earlier). I guess makers of distilled absinthe have less to worry about in thujone percentage than makers of oil-mixes.
  11. Very nice, except there is something I don't get. Are makers controlling the thujone level in their final products, and if so, how? From what I understand, the levels of thujone present in pre-ban are low, and modern absinthes have no real problem matching EU limits.
  12. Greetings! I've done that recipe Hiram posted, only with a lemon wedge and the vodka chilled. Time to hit the produce section.
  13. Can you make the Amer 72 disappear?
  14. I asked my bottles to teach me something, and they just sat there mute. I waited a long time and still nothing. I guess they were teaching me patience.
  15. Greetings! Was that a private bar?