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  1. Hey there I bought a bottle of Libertine 72 back in September. I opened it the day I recieved it (the 15th I believe). The description from absinthe-distribution compared it with the VdF. Needless to say it was not anywhere close. Mainly alchohol in the nose and an incredibly weak mouth-feel. I noticed the date of fabrication printed on the bottle was 30-8-05. The stuff was barely in the bottle. I was pretty disappointed so I put it back on my shelf. After two weeks I tried it again and this time it was much improved with a better aroma and finish(strange in that I believe libertine is a mix and not distilled; someone correct me if I am wrong). Not that it's amazing or anything, but at least it will not be gathering dust for the next year or two. By the way, I meant to make my first post in the newcomers introduction section, but here I am putting my two cents in on this thread. I'll try to get something there later tonight. Sante!