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    I guess Dale got the acid. CeeGee?
  2. Plunger is here, and boy does he like party nuts. Welcome, Jeffe!
  3. Indeed...This isn't the same event that's sponsored by Tabu, is it?
  4. I'm glad it wasn't a pic of Gimp's toes.
  5. I had the 120 and could only finish half the bottle. I was feeling it after the second gulp. Tonight, some Don Julio Reposado Tequila (mmmm) and then some I love thujone..
  6. I thought you were supposed to put the lime in the coconut.
  7. Happy belated!! Someday I will tip one with you.
  8. Next time, I want to come along as a stow-away.
  9. I'll have to get some; I want eternal life. Wait, no I don't.
  10. I lose track of all those who introduce themselves and then seem to fall off the face of the earth.
  11. Crisco Brooks-You could do info-mercials for life alert "I've fallen and I can't get off!"
  12. I'm sure any tub you climb into turns into a hot tub. Hallmark will be calling you soon, LS!
  13. Happy B-Day, neighbor! We need to get together for a drink!
  14. That marketing is responsible for turning many(myself included) on to absinthe. Some keep to that road, and some(like myself) find a deeper interest and eventually the truth. It depends on what the individual does once they decide to pay big bucks for this drink; keep wasting money or taking it upon themselves to dig a little deeper into the drink's history.
  15. Howdy Hey! Somehow I find time to be on the forum, wheher I'm posting or not. Can you say obssesive-compulsive?
  16. A perfect life, save the working part. Welcome!