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  1. Nice job! I love drinking absinthe, but enjoying and sharing it with others makes it extra special.
  2. "Like Maison ALANDIA Absinthe Époque was developed in cooperation with the international known Absinthe connaisseur "deep throat". Damn syndicate
  3. I would be curious as to what Oxy would value the bottle at. My guess would be less that $1000. I would rather buy 10 bottles of Jade.
  4. Cheers to you mate! You are probably already in bed though
  5. You deserve a medal for finishing the glass. This is also an oil mix...no better than most others. Not sure about the banana taste; Serpis has the same flavor, but is much more enjoyable(the 65, that is). No worries on making an articulate review. It sucks will work just fine.
  6. What else can be said?
  7. Is Ted still in New Orleans? I am suprised that such a poorly researched history(or obviously embellished one, as precenphix has pointed out) has not been met with some kind of protest from him or others in the area. What is sad is the fact that they don't need to sensationalize the facts to get a draw. Knowing that Mark Twain drank there without knowing anything about absinthe would get me in the door. Of course, it would be hard to pass up the Frat House. I could sure go for a rolling rock.
  8. Ya'll are too kind> I tip my hat and glass to everyone here. Sorry I have not been posting much...I'll be jumping on the orgiastic pile of perilous discussion when I can... but know that I check in here more often than my own email.
  9. Please don't take anything personally...I hold nothing against anyone here nor have I pidgeon-holed any members as being a padder or topic de-railer. It is a collective action that is fine in small doses; Hiram is only trying to keep it more informative and less inside. Any newbie coming here may feel like they can't participate because of this or may have a hard time wadeing through posts for sensible info. I hope you will post anywhere you want...You are a cute online personality that balances out the dude ranch element.
  10. End of Story (Yes, it's ironic, but I only am heartily agreeing with Z)
  11. I am glad this issue has been brought up. I still read the board often, but I can't find anywhere to say anything useful that has'nt been said before. I like everyone here, but I do not want to add anything for fear of the same reaction that I give to reading some of the posts.
  12. I love it, and believe it to be Ted's best creation. When I tell people about it, they are skeptical; when they try it, they are quite suprised. It is worth it to have on hand.
  13. But think of the poor fish that eventually have to swim with it along with the fertilizers, industrial run off, and other waste that ends up in their water. Actually, they prolly need a drink while their DNA goes haywire.
  14. So does Beavis. I like the traffic sign.."no thru traffic"
  15. I hate to criticize this artist, so I shall abstain on a comment. Ok, the heck with that...why don't people spend more time doing research, The idea and work is good, but it looks like a thirty year old virgin's chemistry set.
  16. Keep in mind that not everyone likes the same flavor profiles within the various brands of absinthe out there. Just because I find it vile does not mean that it is not good. If I were to rate it fairly, it would certainly not get a 74, but it also would'nt get a zero. It does louche, after all.
  17. It does make an excellent mouthwash, though. As far as the Doubs is concerned, a 0:0 ratio works best for me. Agreed.
  18. I prefer my water and everclear 20:1 And forget the sugar cubes; three motrins in my spoon.