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  1. Would ya'll believe the first bottles(Marteau, Belle Amie, and Mansinth) that I've ordered in over a year came today. Christmas day. How cool is that!
  2. I'll 14th that! Sorry I don't post too much lately, but I'll skip the boring details and just say, it's good to be here, whether I'm posting or just keeping up with all you fine folk.
  3. The results would probably only allow you to try it once.
  4. That hurt to read. Just one question: is that how distillers get the thujone levels in their absinthe to comply with standards set forth by governing parties? In other words, do distillers produce an absinthe that is complient with the regs by choosing certain Aa plants? I don't think it is like caffiene free coke.
  5. I have had absinthe in flasks and plastic cups; no big deal. I would prepare it ahead of time, though. You might get people coming up to you wanting a sample (which, maybe you would want to do?). BTW, how are you going to get Luscious Oily Lesbians! into your backpack?
  6. Sold! Congrats and thanks to the new owner.
  7. Bada Bump Just so ya'll know, the bottle is still for sale. I had someone come as close as the final transaction and then fall off the face of the earth. I hav'nt put it up anywhere else yet(absinthe boards, etc.) and most online and printed classifieds do not allow the sale of alcohol. Any suggestions?
  8. I would agree....but if you want to avoid that try the UE68 or the VDF. Keep in mind that it is not what is known to be the best but what you like the most.
  9. Hey Now!! Welcome! Glad you made it. Old is the key word. We go back to high school...lots of good times. Just don't ask about the french fries, okay?! It was good to meet up with you last night; We'll get together soon.
  10. Somehow I double posted. See above post with pics.
  11. Well, this is very hard to do, but sometimes one has no choice. Things were better back in November, but my financial situation is rough and I need to think of me and my family instead of just me and an expensive love. So, here it goes. I am selling my bottle from the 1914 cache. It has been in a cool, dark closet in my basement for seven months. I have never sampled it, trying to preserve it for the future. It is one of the better preserved ones judging by the brighter color(and Oxy's word). The pictures could not bring this out, but I also never cleaned the cellar scum off. Excellent level. I am only trying to make up for what I paid, plus anticipated shipping. PM for details. I'll be out tonight but will be checking in.
  12. I have left a glass or two in the fridge overnight before and had no real noticable loss of loucheness. The taste was not as good, however. Maybe, since it is cold water that causes the precipitation of oils, then the glass warming to room temp cause the oils to , ummm, un-precipitate(how scientific). Only a guess.
  13. Much appreciated, Hiram! This is indeed some important and useful info.
  14. I'm looking at my old(and unopened) bottle of the Kübler 57...There are some differences: -The blue ribbon on the 57 is bigger and contains large letters "D'Absinthe". The yellow Kübler is smaller. -There is the phrase Apertif Anise written above the lower blue Suisse logo. -There is a Swiss cross in the red box at the top. -No mention of grain neutral spirits with herbs and spices -Above the ABV mark it states 'a base de plantes d'absinthe'. No mention on the newer label -It is known to taste burnt. Sorry I would have taken a pic, but the camera is in use by the family somewhere. I think this is a newly developed label for the product.
  15. Baby Steps....Most Americans who have even heard of absinthe have no idea what it should taste like, so it would be hard to cater on a general scale. Most of the makers of quality absinthe know that there is a demographic of folks like us that know, expect, and want what is currently available in Europe( and of course, more if some HG'ers can start producing on a small scale). It's just the beginning.
  16. I have had the same problem with folks that are convinced in their beliefs of these sort of myths(almost urban legends). And it's Not just confined to absinthe. For example, people believe that poppy seeds are harmless and cannot produce opium here in the states for some reason. No one believes me when I tell them that the only form of edible poppy seed comes from Papaver Somniferum, the opium poppy. And yes, any old kind of poppy seed found in the market will grow opium poppies. The better ones are found in the small ethnic groceries, though. Don't ask how I know that.
  17. Southern Comfort ---whywhywhy? It was a great movie, though.
  18. I really dig the Un Sapin. It's best chilled with a splash of water(I was too lazy to look up any coctails that it could be used in). I could help you move, as well. I'll pack the bottles. I suddenly have the urge to go listen to some Led Zepplin. Oh yes, and hi Brooks...always a pleasure.
  19. Galliano is my fav in this category. It is veeery sweet, but some after dinner keeps me from eating that cake.