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  1. Every time I louche up a glass of absinthe, even if it's something I have had many times, I stop here and there to check the taste and mouth-feel.
    This should be stickyed.


    Oh the inappropriate remarks that could be made...


    I'm not sure if Donnie uses sugar(I doubt it), but I do and that takes care of the grass like characteristic. Of course, this absinthe is fairly sweet and dry to begin with, so it is a complete trade off.


    And thanks for the warm welcomes ya'll.

  2. Every time I louche up a glass of absinthe, even if it's something I have had many times, I stop here and there to check the taste and mouth-feel. There is no perfect measurement except what one likes. Hell, the worst Czech swill can taste good with the right number of gallons of water added.


    It's nice to be back..now if I can only make the two bottles last for three months, I won't have to take another leave of absence due to credit and SO problems ;)

  3. There are only happy accidents..


    OK, I am drinking this right now, and although I was a bit put off by the perfume like aroma, I have to say I quite enjoy the taste. It is a tad thin, but not what I would call poor quality. No sea monkeys at all in this bottle. Maybe I got lucky, but I would recommend this highly as something that says "I am an absinthe with that bit of variation that lends itself to the drinker who doesn't want to drink the same tasting absinthe all the time".

  4. Ok, you guys got me salivating and my fingers found there way for the first time in two years to type in that cc number to purchase this..as well as a couple other goodies. I need to stay away from these reviews!


    BTW, it's been a while..hope everyone is well..including the many many new faces here.


    Drink those monkeys as well..they're good for what ails you!

  5. Many thanks everyone. Sorry to have been absent lately; a long winded story it is. I do miss all of ya'll. My birthday was great, as after months of not drinking absinthe(or scotch, rum, beer, you get the picture), I finally had me some pre-ban. 1914 was indeed a good year, and so was the PF that I had. Many thanks to OMG_Bill for the sample he sent me(from the bottle I sold him last august). That was a wonderful present. Take care everyone, and I'm sure I will be back soon to romp and rant.


  6. Whether it's the 4th brand available or not should not be such a big deal. Slowly brands are going to come and go here in the US. Until I can walk down to my local ABC package store here in Virginia and pick up a bottle that contains at least anise, fennel, and grand wormwood, nothing has changed. I still have to get on a computer and pay a shipping charge. By all means if you find a brand of absinthe being sold here in the US, let it be known. These are more exciting times, indeed, but let's not get carried away. Time is on our side, unless we get hit by a bus or something.