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  1. I just got a sample of prométhée, its quality absinthe but that hyssop up-front charlie in the chocolate factory is not exactly what i like best in an absinthe. I'm guessing its one of those absinthe you really love or pass on to the next depending on what you like. I'm also thinking those who liked the Mansinthe will like this one because of the predominant hyssop flavor. I cant see any links with Taboo... The Prométhée has a definitive chocolaty taste while Taboo is fruity.
  2. I think this is the second concoction labeled "Absinthe" that i got to drink. If i remember correctly it didnt louche and had an horrible taste. They were around 60$ per bottles but after alot of dust accumulation they dropped it to 44$ I still have the bottle, the front label reads: "ingredients: Alcohol, Plants with 7.5 grams of Absinthe per litre."
  3. I work on a permaculture farm and we use wormwood as a natural insect repeller we are certified bio so we cant use insecticide. I grew the plants from the seeds but pontica looks like its a whole differant story. I hope i can make it right.
  4. Thanks i'll do my best. I also hear that they are harder to grow in general because they are more fragile then A.A.
  5. ah, i'm growing a garden too. I made more space to put in Grande Absinthe, Pontica and Hyssop but i cant find Pontica seeds anywhere. I waited to be able to get all three at the same time but now its getting late. If anyone knows a place where i can get Pontica you can PM me. Right now i have Melissa, Mint, Angelica and Roman Chamomille. I'll put pictures once i am done.
  6. Yeah its good news, i was starting to believe nothing good would be coming out of this summer. At least i'll be alble to sip some CLB after school
  7. Dieu du Ciel in Montreal is now serving Clandestine la bleue. Dieu du ciel 29 Laurier ouest Montréal, Québec
  8. My ideal Absinthe themed trip would be to fly to London visit a few places and then proceed in France, Switzerland and Spain and make an end halt in New-Orleans for a weekend before coming back home.
  9. I agree, i dont understand the point in cooling your absinthe, or maybe i missed something... Fridges are for white wines mostly. Unless i am mistaken to room must be around 20 and no more then 25 degrees and stacked upright. This post bringt me a question about sealed wax bottles. Are they not supposed to protect and from that eating of the cork and can those with seal wax be kept in standard wine fashion?
  10. LDF is still off limits to me unless i get the usual American accomplices who travel to Montréal once or thwice a year. Last time it was Roquette but i sure would like to taste the doubs Mystique soon enough but my partners dont seem to be able to get a hold on those For the Makeover, i dont like it at all. It looks like the kind of webstore that i decided not to order from (a Czech one) becaue it was impersonnal, of bad desigh and just not inviting to a newcomer in the Absinthe world. The last one had something to it and style
  11. I feel that way too, most posters here act in a civilised manner and are really putting the efforts on newcomers to feel comfortable and even if you are not new to absinthe the is always something new to be learned here at the WS forums. I just wish i joined earlier unstead of luking... But lurking is a great way to learn things so i guess that my lurking done me some good. Now if i can only find some $$ to get me an order! Grappa and Alsacien wines are great but i really miss my Absinthe :P
  12. ...and in Germany, France, u.s.w... We dont hold a monopoly on crap liqueurs. In fact the link you provided points to a German distributor.