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  1. What are the odds that I happen to check back in with WS on June 5? I still have a bottle of Classique somewhere, that worth anything yet or do I have to wait till you kick off? Happy BD
  2. Opened a ~10 year old bottle of Sirene this evening, age has certainly mellowed it nicely. Otherwise I'd say its character is similar to what it was a decade ago. I can't gush about it, but it's lovely.
  3. You can buy fennel in the grocery store, it's quite nice, it's like very mildly licorice-y celery. But be forewarned growing it, this stuff goes what I call "Jurassic" in a hurry!! Between the Florence fennel and bougainvillea, the little side yard at my townhome got pretty crowded.
  4. Ping Just some craft gin, but miss this place, hope you are all well!
  5. Sorry for being absent (I said absent, not absente) for so long, job and family have kept me busy. But I wanted to check in on all you fine folks and say hi. Also, was pleased as punch to see Joe's great absinthe made it to my local BevMo (it probably has been here for a bit and I'm out of the loop). They had a bottle with the Ridge branding and the newer branding (sorry I've missed out on that evolution but I hope it's been good for all involved). But for nostalgia I asked to have the Ridge branded one. I was gonna stow it but I just couldn't help it. Super delicious. Thanks Joe, and thanks for all of you keeping up this great community. I will endeavor to visit more frequently. Cheers to all!
  6. Can't wait to try it. Always loved the first version, glad I have a bottle saved for future imbibing. I assume it's easy to tell by the label that it's the new batch. Do you know if any has made it down to Hi Time Wine in Costa Mesa?
  7. waiting for someone south of the mason dixon line to create 'hah prewf cown likka' based absinthe /drawl
  8. Did anyone ever figure out what they use at Matter-Luginbühl for their color fastness?
  9. Mat do you realize what a high standard you've set? Now these poor SOB's are going to run across a bottle of Lucid at Bevmo and be sorely disappointed
  10. I like starting with 2.5 oz of gin and then staring at the bottle of vermouth
  11. Lagavulin is an Islay whisky of course, and I'm right there with you, I can't get enough peat. Although for a bit more ($80) if you can find a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail you'll be in for something even more special.
  12. Hey I remember this thread! Interested to hear your impressions of Pacifique, it's a very nice absinthe. I find I have to tease the louche out of it a bit more but it's worth it!
  13. You still making this bilgewater Joe? I kid, I kid, I drank all mine. Need to restock. Is there a best source for CA delivery these days?
  14. some co "moonshine" spruced up with some bitters. Dont' think I've been here since the new forum software kicked in. Sorry to have been gone so long, but with good reason, my little ones are doing great and soaking up my free time. Happy to check in with all of you, all is well on this front.
  15. 2009 Two Sisters Pinot Noir from the Foley Estate that we picked up last time we were in the region. Really delicious.
  16. A glass out of a long-open bottle of jade nouvelle orleans. Yum
  17. Sorry I've been out of the loop for a bit, can anyone direct me to a link about the "reboot of Obsello" ?? I've been nursing a few bottles I've had for years, didn't realize it had stopped production in any form.
  18. Once I mixed absinthe and red wine, but there was so much gin the glass all I remember is this
  19. Most wines are designed to be consumed within a couple years anyway. I for one am tired of rolling the dice on trying to age a wine and finding out when we pop it that it's gone bad. Has happened a few times, even with a temperature controlled wine fridge. Since I live in CA, we mostly load up on local Pinot and Cab anyway, it's gotten so damn good and doesn't need a lot of age to it. Yes you can spend a bunch on special bottles of wine, but it's certainly a case of diminishing returns (imho). As for absinthe, I'm not sure why you would want to store it on its side to begin with. If it's properly sealed (and preferably waxed) it will last a long time standing up, and you don't want to risk degrading the cork with the high ABV. If you have the willpower to store absinthe long enough to worry about the cork you have far more restraint than this imbiber. In my experience, even loosely corked absinthes only get better with time.
  20. Lucid was my first as well, and not to be snobbish but I can't drink the stuff anymore At some BevMos they will have Obsello, if you can get ahold of a bottle of that it is a huge step up in taste (imho of course), it's usually around $50 a bottle. Great stuff with some warm flavors, I've always been tempted to reduce it on the stove and pour it over ice cream but in the end I've always just drank it instead. If you are willing to mail order you can get a bottle of Vieux Carre from drinkupny.com for a reasonable price, and is a solid absinthe. For another $10 you can get Vieux Pontarlier which in my own opinion is a slight step up from the Vieux Carre although both are very good. From there you can get Ridge for a few bucks more which is one of my favorites (you don't get fresher herbs than that, kids), and also if you're lucky you can get a bottle of Marteau while it's still in stock, which is not only good but uses a grape-derived base alcohol which is a good thing to taste to compare to others in the future. The guy that started this site makes Marteau, but I'm not the suck up type, so believe me I only rep it because it's good Only other thing I would say is take it slow. Don't buy one bottle and drink it start to finish (again, imho). This stuff ages beautifully, and it will never go bad. So buy a bottle, have a glass or two (or three or four or five :D). Save it. Get a different brand, then try that. Maybe get a different one, try that. Revisit the first. Compare. Then you start to really explore the beauty of this unique beverage.
  21. Had a glass out of a bottle of Belle Amie that was about a third full, been sitting for a few years, and was already aged when I picked it up. Man, it's amazing what a couple years of age can do with absinthe. With no sugar it still tastes like dessert!
  22. If you can get your hands on Obsello it's great! And welcome! I'm up in OC, and the retail shop selection isn't much better up here, but it's certainly better than the typical bar options in terms of absinthe.
  23. Polished off the last of my meadow of love, so good! then some gin with token tonic mixer, now nightcapping with a glass from the bottle of melville syrah I had open from yesterday. Another week in the can...
  24. They also go fast when you're drinking them. I'm convinced there's a little hole in the bottom of the bottle that drains it out faster than I drink it. Off chance? No chance