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  1. Welcome, Are you in Baltimore, or from somewhere in the area of?
  2. Exactly. Different density. Different temps, different ABV, all could have an effect on the effect. Science! Going back to previous less monkey related topics: I have a refractometer in my lab. I'll be perfectly happy to measure the refractive indeces of as many absinthes as you people send me. I can do the water, too, but... that's less fun. anything for some free green! Oh, and on the subject of word replacing. Does Trip Ballz appear when you type something, or is that just forumspeak?
  3. I'm drinking what I'll call mohitos. I didn't have clear rum, my mint is 'fresh' dried mountain mint, and I only had tonic water instead of soda. But I did at least have a lime on hand! But the wiki page says people add bitters, and I'm going to say cinchona is a bitter. I can't call it a mojito, so I'll bastardize the name into mohito. Still kinda tasty.
  4. I keep meaning to get more Einsturzende Neubauten. I only have Silence is Sexy, which is a shame. Gotta fix that problem. As for SGM, I really think it gets much much better the more you know about the band and the songs you are listening to. The majority of a Natural History is concept work, needs to be taken as a whole, and the whole includes the liner notes and even some online material. In Glorious Times is very very different from ANH, and a break from the previous band concept. But it's a tribute to Nil's brother, who was mentally ill and died recently. Grand Openings and Closings is most easily taken on it's own, but serves to introduce the theme developed later in ANH and the band in general. Oh, and I think it woud be fair to draw lines of influence from Kiss to SGM. SGM is very much theater oriented, they really really try to put on a show. Some of the band's side projects even more so. Tin Hat Trio is the three artists trying to make music by merging the sounds of different folk musics in the same way Bartok did. They add their own style to it, but you should hear many different influences to the music. I went through a large Pink Floyd stage in high school. I still pull out Animals and Meddle and Atom Heart Mother and some of the other less radio played stuff.
  5. but I am planning to listen to A Natural History, while drinking absinthe this weekend.
  6. May I ask how you found Tin Hat Trio? I'm a large fan of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (but don't recommend them for parties), and was exploring the side projects of Carla when I stumbled upon Tin Hat. She's also on a Vermillion Lies album, which you may like if you don't know. It has more whimsy, though, and more vocals.
  7. For Victorian, but not period, you might go as far as some Emily Autumn. Not exactly my cup of tea, but she did dub her music 'Victoriandustrial.' And with the Portishead I always toss in the Massive Attack Mezzanine. But it's not really victorian at all. I have some prog rock that sounds plenty Baroque-an, and could send you some of that. Par Lindh prodject and such. Again, not great. Hence the Baroque-an comment. some Tin Hat (or Tin Hat Trio) might be really nice for a conversation heavy party. More gothy might include Rasputina. And Opeth does not sound like a dog eating an alligator at all. For food, if you're still looking for something to go with drinks after food (dessert type stuff). I would suggest something without a lot of flavor, and with the abilty to soak up some of the alcohol. Ladyfingers and such might be nice.
  8. Right, right, but how long is your commute to work? Would my commute to work end you on the other side of your country? I've got two vw tdi's, and diesel is closing on 4.50/gal. That may only be half your 9$, but still hurts. Never mind the 70mpg I can get in the one and 60 in the other)
  9. Is there a great difference between the batches? Are they really working on improving the product with each batch, or is it just small batch to batch differences?
  10. 95$ for shipping?! That's obscene. I guess I haven't handled the ordering of bottles in a while (and haven't used that company, either.) It gets a bit more gentle when it's averaged over a few people. But... ouch!
  11. sounds interesting, but they didn't tell us if they put habanera peppers, T73's ginger, Hiram's celery seed, George's basil, or Daniel's vanilla bean in it. I guess they want us to buy it and find out on our own. How much does that 30 translate to in little US's green?
  12. thanks! Actually, that was the reason I pulled it over into Word for editing. I spell checked the post there. Word didn't know what a Segway was (I do), and gave me no help in finding the right spelling. They suggested I take the subway. The only thing to console me after a spelling test in school was that spelling tests were always given in parallel with vocabulary tests. The two tests were equally weighted, and averaged to a passing grade. (105 + 56)/2 = 81, which was good enough for me. In 9th honors English at the end of the year, the teacher stated to the class that I was her most creative speller. She always knew the word I wanted, it was rarely spelled correctly. Spell check fails me frequently. I do try. I do fail.
  13. She should have prepared more, let him talk, and learn how to segway. Perhaps she had only 5 minutes, perhaps she (or her producer) really wanted to say the stuff makes you trip ballz, perhaps there was a better way. The interview ended with the impression that the stuff is a hallucinogen, powerful, and makes you crazy and likely to cut your ear off if you can find a razor. She gave that impression even though Ted said the opposite, because she had a list of 5 questions, preconceived notions, and an unwillingness to deviate from her plan or respond to what he said. He should have fed her an absinthe before the interview.
  14. A straw can work like a shot, the trick is to get the junk down the throat without having it touch the tongue. and it looks like drug paraphanalia.
  15. I recently heard of some idiot who wanted to trip ballz on absinthe and so drank a bottle of wormwood extract, which he thought was absinthe. Darwin didn't quite get him, so lets hope he finds something better to drink. Are we now going to get people drinking bottles of anethole with hopes of trippin' ballz?! I imagine it would at least be a bit easier going down.
  16. I have something strange on hand, a small amount of coffee liquor. Strong alcohol that had a french roast ground into it. Then it was distilled. I wouldn't know where to get more of it, no name, was gifted to me by a friend. Doesn't taste perfect on it's own. But today is a stormy great soaker of a day. So, while wife and child sleep, I've got dark music on the headphones and poured the coffee liquor into some warm milk with a drop of chocolate. Nice. Now for some of the reading I've not been able to read in too long. (and tonight for dinner I think I'm making a ginger, coriander and orange chicken, and I have a half bottle of Toasted Head Shiraz that will sit next to that.)
  17. I have a nice buffet table that is my liquor cabinet. Has nice doors that close, and keep the light out. Works fine for me, but then I don't keep the house nearly so warm as you do. Wife would slit my throat in the night, if she could pull herself out of the puddle she melted into. So, yeah, you might look for something to keep them cooler. Sorry I can't help you on what, exactly. I don't think you'll find many people talking about the best solution for you. Well, maybe. How bout you dig a nice cellar? May not be done for 150 bucks, but... will hold more than 9 bottles.
  18. Wow! I hadn't read that one yet, it's great. Why?! Because I work with a tensiometer almost every day. Mine isn't the type they have, we're trying to buy one like they have. But I've worked with those, and they're pretty neat (in a very geeky way, I guess). the Anton Paar density meter I've seen (when I was at Anton Paar investigating their rheometers), but never used. And I could easily do some of the light scattering measurements for sizing the drops, and have a few other methods that may even work better (size is important to my company. Small size). now if I could get my boss to let me start doing this type of experiment work would be much more fun! </über geek mode>
  19. You're right. But small breweries are becoming quite popular, at least where I am. The mid sized breweries are opening brew pubs (like Dogfish Head, Victory, and Dominion), and there are three restaurant breweries in my town alone. Some of those are using horrible hops, I don't go there. Some of them are ponying up for the nicer hops. So long as I know which is what, I'm ok. I think, with microbrews becoming more and more popular, we'll continue to find well hopped beer.
  20. I assume what you are seeing is simply air coming out of solution. The sparkling water bubbles are CO2 bubbles coming out of solution. I could be very wrong though.
  21. to say you approve? Or saying that it tastes like a wet dog? the Dogfish Heads are pretty drinkable, in my opinion. I've had much better, and imagine they have better in cask at the brew pubs they are running now. The hops are nice enough, but are lacking that really floral character I'm looking more for. Still, the place down the road carries it, Hop Devil from Victory, and Tuppers Hop Pocket from Dominion Ale. I know the Hop Devil and Tuppers are much better at the brewery, but I can drink the bottled product.
  22. dogfish head 60min IPA, and wishing I was eating the burgers mentioned above (but I made a pretty kick arse stir fry, I guess)
  23. Celler temperature beer. Room temperature glass. Good beer only, please. Handpulled, cask conditioned.