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  1. two pictures, and not a word about it! Such a tease, Shabba!
  2. I got the email from Albert at the Spirits Corner today saying that he is now selling Obsello. I had not heard of this one, and did a brief search through the forums. There is not much mention of it, but it looks to be coming USward. In the meantime, all you rich people can go buy lots of bottles of this stuff and tell me how it tastes. The wiki article suggests it has a different anise in it, know anything about that? I live through you, so discuss this product for me.
  3. hrm... Somehow I missread the whole post, I appologize. I read, "It should taste bitter."
  4. But it's not suppose to taste bitter. Or, perhaps it tastes bitter, but doesn't have the bitter sensation?!?! I'm not sure I can parse that, please help.
  5. I must say, I'm curious about this Elevation stuff. They don't claim it is absinthe (nice of them, since it's not). It's not bitter. Has a very low alcohol concentration. Has no anise in it. I just wonder what it is. Crap, sure, but crap comes in a lot of forms. I hear some people's crap smells like roses. (I don't expect theirs to). But what is it?
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    Show it the flame, get it nice and scared. Then eat it. Only way. I did a term working at outback while I was in college (kitchen is a great job for a college kid, everyone in my house ate rather well!). While I was there someone order a porterhouse seasoned. As in, put the spices on it, and then put it on a plate. He cleaned the bone.
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    It's funny, I was just reading about this in my most recent copy of Cook's Illustrated (heartily recommended!) Medium-Rare duck is quite nice. If you’re doing it at home, make sure the duck has a nice layer of fat between the skin and meat. I’ve had some that didn’t, and it makes a big difference. I don’t have any good recipes, off hand. I would think it would be easy enough to put together a nice herby spice rub, sear the breast well (perhaps throw it in the over afterward for a bit). Serve it with a nice sauce, a sweet red wine reduction or some kinda fruit sauce. I’ve had some Thai duck dishes that were great, as well.
  8. Perfect Dark, wow! Being a late bloomer both to the alcohol world and (really not a bloomer at all ) to the console game world, I started my drinking career playing that game in college with roomates. Good times! today is another hot day, suppose to be 110 when you count all the factors. I think I might start some bourbon in ~45 minutes.
  9. PM me your address, and I'll send you a nice large baggy of the horrible horrible cheap wormwood I bought for sampling. I learned my lessons since. 1) Wormwood is bitter as bitter is. You may learn where to look by nibbling some, but you're not going to get that taste out of your mouth for a while. 2) Cheap wormwood tastes like little but bitter and bad. Expensive wormwood tastes very bitter, but has other flavors that you may like. Those are what you want in the absinthe. 3) that taste is still in your mouth. It's going to be there for a while. 4) a fool and his money...
  10. Happy Birthday. I didn't make you a cake. how about an (absinthe) cupcake: made with Kübler, that one. Here's how: http://coconutlime.blogspot.com/2008/03/ab...row-fonder.html
  11. what are you talking about?! I hate hate hate that licorice taste, and so have an exacting practice of chilling the heck out of my bottle and then scrapping all that white junk out. I lump them all ontop of the sugar before lighting my bic up! They really add to the flame! or I use a fleaker to drip my water as slowly as I can. It's too fast for many of you folks (~2min), but my friends would be half through their glass of tap louched absinthe by the time I was done louching mine.
  12. Have you heard of Izzy drinks? It's carbonated fruit juice. Just fruit juice and carbonated water, better than any soda I've had. (well, some of the craft sodas might compete) The blackberry ain't too bad with vodka. the clementine ain't too bad with gin. and I feel like a girl drinking these things.
  13. It looks like we would need to wait until June 18, if I remember the tale correctly.
  14. one of my favorite memories from high school biology was the day the teacher handed out little slips of chemical laced paper for people to either taste or try to taste. The chemical on the paper is only detectable by ~33% of humans. If I remember correctly, it was a bitter flavor. I could taste it. It was a difference in the actual taste buds on the tongues. eventually I'll see if I taste da funk in PF1901. Does this appear in all the Jades? How about the blanchette?
  15. it's been brought up many times on this forum and elsewhere that the amount of herbs needed to make enough absinthe to satisfy a national release to the US in any quantity is very difficult. I haven't tried the Clandestine, but from what I understand, they use choice herbs. That would make it even more difficult to produce enough absinthe (and all that is if they have the capabilities of producing that much). So, they may or may not be thinking of bringing the stuff to the US. I could be very wrong in this, but don't they grow their own wormwood and other herbs? Would they be able to scale up the production of the herbs that much and retain the quality?
  16. Welcome to the forum. It is very good to see the distillers of absinthe on and speaking with the forum. Now I simply need to find a way to buy a bottle of Sirène in either Maryland or Virginia. I don't believe Binny will send me a bottle, does anyone have another source?
  17. it's cheap, but not really needed unless you want the sugar in the absinthe. I would suggest a fork or somesuch first to decide if you like sugar in your absinthe or not. If you don't like the sugar, while the spoon is neat and cool looking... it'll just kinda sit there and look envious of the other barware that you are using. I would say the better thing is a glass. Wine glasses work fine, and you want to make sure it's transparent. You want something that will let you watch the louche form. It doesn't have to be an absinthe glass, either. But something you like the look, heft and handfeel to. Remember, the initial absinthe glasses were just water glasses. Then people got all crazy with the reservoirs and swirls and whatnot. then you can think about the fountains. Me, I'll probable never buy a fountain. Would kinda be nice, but a carafe works fine for me. Actually, I have a fleaker I use. It looks really neat, has a good pour spout to allow me to drip drip drop my little water droplets, and is graduated so that I know how much water I've poured. If I needed a fountain, I would probably set up a sepratory funnel. /geek mode.
  18. none of the vintage ports I've had were that old, but from what I understand, vintage port is aged in barrels for some amount of time (at least 2.5 years), and then left to age another 10+ years in the bottle. And it is suppose to change while sealed in the bottle. Now I don't know how well this works as while I've had the several bottles of the same vintages, they've all been over a couple of years. And my memory for nuances is not perfect.
  19. I'm sorry to revive an old thread, but as a semi ghetto wine taster I must contribute. Nightrain is a mean wine. The food loins are going out of bizness round my parts, so my friends and I were struggling to source the train. We ended up buying a case of it from the local liquor store. Yes, we bought a case of nightrain. The owners didn't know what it was, sigh. I mean, Guns N Roses wrote songs about it! Next time you feel the urge to watch a good zombie flick, pick up a bottle of nighttrain. Unlike absinthe, no special gizmos are needed. In fact, you are encouraged to drink it straight from the bottle. It's a clean burning wine, no sulphates or anything. Drink some water with it, and you'll be fine the next day. And it tastes a world better than MD. It's not as sweet as the Rose, and has less plastic flavor. Still has some kerosene in there, but... it's a ghetto wine! Some prefer the Thunderbird, but I like red wines. And it's got a train right on the bottle! An express train! (to give you a Fear of a Black Hat allusion, when you take that train... you get there.) Other fine wines are, for instance, Longhorn! I can't remember the slogan, but it was something like how it was the wine cowboys would drink. It was a citrus wine, made in florida. Swill, but a class bottle. sysco, whatever the color, is undrinkable. A friend of mine swears by the peach, I wont touch it. Really, though, a lot of the classic names are no longer. I've tasted some vintage beverages that a friend laid back (couldn't stomach), things like the wimple. There is nothing on the market to compare with some of the old ghetto wines. I don't know where they got the esters they used, but... ghad those things are bad!
  20. and, if you have a pretty penny or 7, you can still order even better stuff online. Kübler is a nice daily drinker, but I'm not going to stop ordering better things just because I have Kübler and Lucid.
  21. "It is easy to see," replied Don Quixote, "that thou art not used to this business of adventures; those are giants; and if thou art afraid, away with thee out of this and betake thyself to prayer while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat."
  22. NOW WITH AVATARy GOODNESS!!! anyone else using this image? It may change, when I find something more suitable. For now, I'll continue to charge those giants.
  23. I really like seeing members from distilleries on the board and open for some discussion, makes me far more happy to buy their products. I haven't tried the St. George yet, but would like to try one someday.