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  1. you feel inadequate... I don't even have the cash right now! I guess I could write down my list, and put it into my wallet. That'd be a start, right?
  2. If I may add a bit to the post; just that they do not get the second maceration should not imply that they are necessarily simpler and less complex than a verte. Rather, they are typically made with a different herb bill and any one may be just as complex or more complex than many vertes. They will simply be different.
  3. Oh, and I didn't see this elsewhere. If you pick up a bottle. Crack it open to give it a bite of air. Then cellar it for a month or so. It goes through a complete character transformation, and becomes quite nice. Personally I prefer blanchette, but that's not to say I would turn down a glass of clandestine at all.
  4. I finally was able to get away from school for a weekend and try the bottle of Obsello with my friend. We both liked it quite a bit, though we've been drinking more of the blanches for years and aren't used to all those green flavors. I think I need a few more drinks to become a raving fan of the stuff used to make vertes. (and I'll happily do just that!)
  5. it's really amusingly crazy what people will do to themselves.
  6. Just saw this thread tonight. AWESOME! Very best of wishes in it!
  7. I just finished a cup of tea with a handful of licorice tossed in. Are the chemicals in licorice more soluble in water or alcohol? Not horribly much flavor seemed to come out in the tea, but what did was nice. (I'm also trying to make some gumdrops: licorice, anise and star anise. I've got some star anise, but they've too much water left in them. More star anise jelly than gum. I had to use vodka to get the star anise flavor out. Should I do the same with licorice, anyone know?)
  8. score! Just got a friend to pony up for some Obsello, I'm excited! I do enjoy spending other peoples money, so long as they share the absinthe!
  9. I tend to go into "font" mode, and whenever the information turns off and I look around I find either people who are interested and who have learned something or an empty place where the bored people once were. Now, if my eyes would stop glazing over... really, though, I think my method of giving far far more information than was asked for tends to kinda work, and most people start to realize that I may know more than what they got from rumors etc. Or perhaps they just nod and act like they now know the truth to shut me up.
  10. shucks and I'm still working at dropping enough hints to get my friends to pick up a bottle of the basic Obsello for me to try, now I need to start prompting them to think about the special reserve Obsello! I did get one of them to pick up a bottle of Clandestine recently, and I think I've got a different friend about primed to buy a bottle of Obsello. I'm starting to work on a third friend to buy the Leopold. I'm not sure how far I can get this list of friends to extend, so lets stop the list of good absinthes coming into the country right there. Or not.
  11. Sounds like a nice way to start a year! Have a great day!
  12. it's not absinthe, it's 'absinth.' It wasn't crafted for drinkability, but for drunkability and the makers profit. So I'll go with Wild Bill, and suggest you do like they tell you to. Burn it to hell. And review it honestly. BUT DO THINGS SAFELY, please. (and please do not burn absinthe)
  13. It's Foeniculum vulgare azoricum, the Florence fennel being common fennel that was bred for sweetness and lower fenchone content in the area around Florence (from what I recall). Does make a difference, too.
  14. Right, and so I want to make sure that is azoricum. Azoricum is Foeniculum vulgare, just a cultivar group of fennel. And I can never remember that there is the Latin for Florence fennel, azoricum. So, by Latin people, I meant scientific classification, since it is rarely given past species. It is rarely given past species in places like the degustation kit listed above.
  15. Shabba, since you said you have a set of each, in set one, is the fennel they used the sweet fennel? Since Florence Fennel is regular old fennel according to the Latin speaking peoples it's hard to tell. I assume it's the sweet stuff, but...
  16. how does it need to be in view? There are any number of reactions that precipitate a white solid. A bit of food coloring, and you could get something that looked nice. Course, most of them will settle out quickly. And I wouldn't drink the famous one with lead.
  17. I'm lazy, please take pity. A friend is asking if DUNY ships to VA. I was thinking no, but he didn't find a NO on the website. (course, I was hoping they would ship to west by god, and not va. Then I could order the good stuff for friends, and they would have to come out here to get it. And then I could convince them to open up the bottles with me... and ...)
  18. I have a few friends I drink with. We will, on occasion, venture out to a brewpub for a beer. When it comes to absinthe, it is usually with one, two or at most three friends. Quiet (well, with music), private, and full of conversation. But then, to quote Steven Jessie Bernstein, "I don't like parties. But they're fun I guess. And when they're over it's worse than when they begin, and when they're forgotten it's horrible, more absolute than a corpse."
  19. I was speaking with one of the kids* at school today about various things, and ended up asking him where I might find a decent beer to drink (I had seen him wearing a hop devil t-shirt some time back). Turned out he was returning a keg to just the place, and gave me a ride out. We ended up splitting a case of Dogfish Head's 90 min IPA. So, that's what I have going tonight. Well, that and a bunch of homework. Thinking of forgoing the thermo for Fluid's Management. Sounds fitting. *was fun the first day of class when I was referred to as New Kid by a 20 year old. But I've found that my ID is checked when I wear a backpack and buy cheap wine. Doesn't make me feel to bad, that.
  20. Wow, thank you all! I did. Combier, and Ich! Was going to take a nice picture from my porch looking out over the wilds of West Va for you, but it decided to rain. (of course it was a beautiful day while I was inside taking a test)
  21. If I remember right, there are other numbers, too. From what I can recall, calamus numbs my tongue completely. But that was when I tried chewing upon a chunk of it. Putting your nose in the bag will suffice, people. But if you really need to EXPERIENCE your herbs, do the calamus last. Something also makes me think angelica does something similar, but I could just be remembering that angelica tastes like dirt to me. Not bad dirt, really. But dirt, nonetheless.
  22. I've been working through the list at Coffee Fool , I've got a friend who loves the Mocha Java blend. I don't care for it as much as some of the others. It's ok at his house with his well water, but my filtered city water gives it a different flavor that I don't like. I think my favorite two sofar are Ethiopian Harrar and Nicaraguan Matagalpa. I'm out of money, so just bought a bag of 8'oclock Columbian beans. sigh. (as for makers, I've got a little dripper that makes 2cups. It does a pretty good job, doesn't burn anything. I've got a french press, but that's more difficult to clean. For darker coffees, I have a Mocha Express. That's intense! Great for dark roasts, but not for lighter. Then I have a half broken espresso maker. When it is switched to espresso it doesn't heat. But it does for steam. So you have to build up a lot of steam pressure on steam, and then dump it to espresso.)
  23. Not only does the guy in the video burn his absinthe, but he also has his very own cracksinth pipe!
  24. Just make sure they bring plenty of packing materials, those bag boys take pride in breaking whatever is breakable inside of whatever luggage they toss. If they break it and it leaks out and looks flamable, they probably get a few hours off while the bomb crews/police/airport personel/fire department/etc. come and figure out what to do, BONUS!
  25. well, it's a blue and a yellow. I think it's the same blue and yellow used to verte the last bottle of 'naturally colored' 'absinthe' we were discussing here, I want to say Grande. So, I imagine this will be green cream. And I'm a little hesitant to drink green cream.