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  1. not a problem, I guess I'll just have to drive out to Washington. Been a few years. Cheers!
  2. Thanks, Zman - I'll give it a go and report back!
  3. Hi friends, pardon if I am overlooking something. It seems absinthe is more difficult to buy these days, and I can't even find the list of recommended vendors here. I have a friend that just finished an old bottle of Pacifique and wanted to replace it, made me think I might pick up a bottle myself. But I don't know how. Can someone please point me to where I might pick up a couple bottles delivered to either Maryland or North Carolina. (please don't tell me I have to drive to the far coast!) Much appreciated
  4. I jellied a bag of cranberries today (ginger, two oranges, sugar and half a box of pectin) to go with some gingerbread. I may have to pick up a second bag to try with some absinthe! That sounds like something that could really rock!
  5. really, I must say that the Night Train has a certain fond place in my heart. Really, nothing quite goes as well along side a bad zombie movie with friends but the passing of a bottle o the train. It's horrible swill, but in a nice way. Now the others on your list I wont touch*. and to miss quote Fear of a Black Hat, "When you take that train, you get there." * Well, there was the nice we made T'Redtinis. Thunderbird and Banana Red MD2020 mixed and served in martini glasses. But all involved agree that was a bad thing that needed to happen only once.
  6. You said you do dark blue. I could stand behind, or inside even, a nice dark blue WS shirt.
  7. Joe, I did put a 'typical' in there. I didn't know that they were used by some unnamed distilleries, but I'm not at all surprised. Some people are weird like that. I don't know what parts of melissa and pontica come across in distillation, but I'm sure it's appreciably different tasting from the macerate nonetheless.
  8. They also tend to just have some different flavors in them. The three primary coloring herbs (lemon balm, petite wormwood and hyssop) are not typically used for anything but the coloration step. They may add complexity, but also simply add other and different flavors to them. You may like what they add, you may not. Me, I'm learning to like lemon balm more, but still could do without most of the time. But as said before, absinthe may be quite complex without the addition of the green stuff. I've not tried the Duplais blanche, but I can say you wont go wrong with a bottle of La Clandestine, either. Both are offered from DUNY at about the same price.
  9. I'd drink a bottle (generously provided by you). just out of curiosity, and for the fun of enjoying something that is awful. oh, and next up we'll need one that has a ton of caffeine in it.
  10. not blind at all, just not familiar with all the names and identities here. I might point out that all of the absinthes on your list get great reviews (and from what I've had of them are excellent). 2 of them are made by people who post regularly on this forum. Easy information to find, but may encourage you to go beyond the review section.
  11. I want to say I was carded by a delivery person at some point. I know I've gotten packages having something about containing alcohol, and should not be delivered to minors.
  12. have my first jug hidden in the pantry. It's had a couple of weeks to yellow, so I bought some water last night and will water the stuff most of the way down today. I photochopped up some labels, and so some is staying with us and some is going out with Christmas presents.
  13. I know you have probably already placed your order. I don't think it includes either the Obsello or La Fee. I didn't read everything after this very carefully, but I know you mentioned Obsello again. And I know you mentioned that you don't like mint as much. Obsello is a spanish absinthe. And it has mint. plenty of mint. (and lemon balm, which I don't like as much). Now it's also tasty, but... If you're hoping for something less minty, I would steer clear of this one for a while. and La Fee... I've not had any since something like 2000, but... there are so many better things in this world. So many. Better good things, and better bad.
  14. the frappr thing appears to be dead. Prove me wrong, please. I'm moving my family to NC in the end of December. Got a job across the street from research triangle. Do we have any members down there? I read through ~15 pages of this without seeing any hits.
  15. hehe, thanks guys! I didn't make it in here yesterday. Had fun in the woods with friends, then was off trying a few bottles of things a friend bought. Quite nice. BdJ, Fontaine, and 1797. Seemed a nice way to finish the day!
  16. my mom gave me a copy for christmas last year, and would be happy to send it out of anyone is really curious. The review from Alan is spot on. Read the title with dread, then find that the guy really didn't do a horrible job with the absinthe chapter. The rest of the book follows suit, nothing too bad. Just not horribly exciting, either. It's a decent bathroom book for the guest bathroom.
  17. I might suggest not buying some of the very highest rated absinthes on first go. So, I would suggest not running to the Jades on your first order, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with them (or I don't think there is, never had one), but that a solid bottle of entry level absinthe is probably a better start (not that they are cheap, either). there are people who really don't like absinthe. I would hate to buy the most expensive brand out there to find out that I hate anise. (of course I have yet to find that money tree)
  18. yeah, I've seen that picture before. And I believe I posted something about these absinthe cupcakes before, too: http://coconutlime.blogspot.com/2008/03/ab...row-fonder.html Looking through the comments, strange names like Hiram appear.
  19. My wife got me listening to the Moth Podcast, which can be amusing. I just listened to one while attempting to train some weights at the rec center (labor house), and it was all about absinthe... kinda. She did at least kinda know what she was looking for, just didn't find the right places to look. Lets hope she's found something good by now. Anyhow, I thought I would put it up for further scrutiny. it was recorded in 2007, so you know: the Moth website Bootlegger Blues mp3 (free podcast) Oh, and if this has been posted before, sorry. I did a short search, but it may not have been exhaustive.
  20. yeah, I was afraid that it may have been this forum that I originally found it on. I did a brief look for more bacon threads, but didn't see it here. Anyhow... it's still bacon awesomeness.
  21. I actually got a friend on a different forum to make one of these: http://www.bbqaddicts.com/blog/recipes/bacon-explosion/ it was dubbed the bacon baby, for it weighed more than many newborns.
  22. I would suggest lots of copper over a fire, but... that probably would be a bad idea. I suppose were you not actually distilling stuff it would be ok, but... that would probably break the break the bank part anyhow. And what's the fun of having stuff you can't use. So I'll just suggest you find your favorite absinthe depicting painting and re-create it as well as you can. Also, having girls in gauzy green outfits (like throughout la Fee Verte, etc) is always a good idea, and might even be ok given that you compared it to burning man.