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  1. taz wears a black leather motorcycle jacket, but prol's a commie, might be a good fight.
  2. i prefer uneasy openings. much more exciting.
  3. edit* duh, the WS is on Wiki now.
  4. um, yeah. specially since we found out earlier that PMs be not so P Ms. no matter which forum you go to. be careful!
  5. obviously you don't hang around this forum much. no dirty talk is allowed, so i really doubt that dirty pictures would be considered good taste here.
  6. I'm not sure if my half-naked nun in BDSM outfit with pierced nipples would be appreciated here... i'd sure appreciate it, but your old man would probably delete it when he gets back. foo on him, let's get on with the debauchery!!!!!!!!!!
  7. well, if they're anything like the russian mafia, i wouldn't do it to their face.
  8. still waiting to try mexican-american absinthe.