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  1. Just purchased a bottle and am looking forward to trying this tomorrow.
  2. Starting early with some Meadow of Love.
  3. A little anisette and some giallo flicks this evening.
  4. Living in Pennsylvania, my top-ten list is: 1. "Cannot ship to PA" 2. "Cannot ship to PA" 3. "Cannot ship to PA" 4. "Cannot ship to PA" 5. "Cannot ship to PA" 6. "Cannot ship to PA" 7. "Cannot ship to PA" 8. "Cannot ship to PA" 9. "Cannot ship to PA" 10. Vieux Carre
  5. A couple glasses of the original Belle Amie.
  6. Dug up this corpse of a thread to inquire about thoughts on any new offerings.
  7. Finally got around to trying Ridge (have cut way back on the libations). It's majestic, Joe! Thank you!
  8. Been away from the forum for a while, and now that I know that Ridge is available, I feel like Gollum jonesing for his damn ring. Is it reasonable to have hope that those of us in PA will be able to buy Ridge in the near future? Congrats Joe!
  9. A nice Allagash Triple Reserve Belgian Style Ale.
  10. A couple mango mojitos to celebrate the end of finals grading and this hectic semester.
  11. My wife has ruled out the DITA (a year ago or so, one was more than enough for her...and I mean MORE than enough). The corpse reviver #2 seems interesting. Time to make a shopping list.
  12. Greetings, My spouse and I are eagerly awaiting the celebration of Halloween, and I wanted to write to inquire if the community here has recommendations for especially pined-after beverages that celebrate this morbid conviviality. (In addition to absinthe, of course).
  13. A couple Victory Golden Monkeys (and college football) before a nice dinner at a local Ethiopian restaurant.