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  1. That is a wonderful smoke.
  2. Happy Birthday my friend and bringer of .
  3. Happy Birthday to the Lady that makes all my days special. I love you.
  4. Have a wonderful day. May all your dreams come true.
  5. Ron, thanks so much. I moved this over to Thanks for the welcome back. to get this thread back on track. Cheers all
  6. Why would you? You talented bastid.
  7. A beautiful post. Everyones journey with absinthe is unique and reading yours took me back to mine. Your journey has just begun and it can be filled with some of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. My the Lady guide you.
  8. Wow, thank you everyone. I really did miss being here and I'm so happy to have found my passion for the Green Lady again.
  9. Thank you good sir. It's been years and now my muse is back.
  10. We are fine my friend. Did you get a sample to review?
  11. I remember tasting the Wormwood Blanche my first day in Pontarlier . The taste is wonderful Pontarlier wormwood. Thank you Peter for the memories.
  12. We will be coming by more often my friend. We want to congratulate Marc ahhh umm or mthuilli on his new site. Very sexy. Do we need to change our names on the forum or can we still use code names?
  13. Bravo! Yum yum eye candy.
  14. OMG! You guys are too much. It seems so long ago since I had a glass with so many of you fine people. I love and miss you guys so much. Thanks again and thanks to all to friendly new faces. Wish we were back in Terminus getting ready for another New Years.
  15. Have a great birthday lady.
  16. Thanks so much everyone. Hissy made this birthday the best ever with a meal fit for a king, gifts that warmed my heart and well...the morning was real nice too. I'm not around much anymore but I do care and miss you all. Absinthe is still a big part of my life, and who knows what the future will bring. Hissy and I hold this drink close to our hearts, as so many of you do. We have met so many wonderful people and been to so many special places because of it. Life can change at the blink of an eye, live it like there’s no tomorrow. "Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal." Oscar
  17. Even with a dose that big I'm sure it will be Magnifique. Zman