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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone...look forward to a good time. Having an ice cold glass of Limoncello this evening getting good and mello. C
  2. I'm always game for that...I have a case for my fountain and most importantly bottles!
  3. New to the forum certainly not the Absinthe lifestyle. I consider myself a professional of sorts so much so that I challenged myself to give it all up in 1993 for 10 years. I achieved my goal. 2003 hit and I was able to approach my love of fine spirits differently. Perhaps more responsibly and with a little more couth. So far I've been enjoying the hell out of my re-entry and have been able to maintain control. I was pointed to this forum recently by a friend and fellow Absintheur; I don't know his screen name. I am not new to forums just never gave it much thought to look for an Absinthe drinkers forum...so this is a great find for me. I really enjoy reading, post only when I have something good to add and for the most part just like to network in with others of like mind. Glad to be here....Sante' Craig